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Item Container
Cake Boards Grey bin / black sacks or reuse
Camping stove - methylated spirit Household waste recycling centre
Camping Gas Bottle Household waste recycling centre
Candle stubs Grey bin / black sacks
Cans - Drink Blue-lid bin / blue box
Cans - Food Blue-lid bin / blue box
Car Tyres (up to 4) Household waste recycling centre
Cards (plain) Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Cards (non plain) Grey bin / black sacks
Cardboard Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Carpet Bulky waste collection / Household Waste Recycling Centre
Carrier bags (paper) Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Carrier bags (plastic) Grey bin / black sacks / recycle at selected supermarkets
Cassette tapes Grey bin / black sacks
Cassette tape case Grey bin / black sacks
Cast iron Household Waste Recycling Centre
Cat food Food caddy
Cat food (can) Blue-lid bin / blue box
Cat food (pouch) Grey bin / black sacks
Cat litter Grey bin / black sacks
CD Recycling Centre / Charity shop
Cellophane Grey bin / black sacks
Champagne cork Grey bin / black sacks
Champagne flute Grey bin / black sacks (please wrap in newspaper)
Chemicals (small quantities) Household Waste Recycling Centre
Chicken carcass Food caddy
Christmas cards (plain) Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Christmas cards (non plain) Grey bin / black sacks
Christmas decorations (tinsel, baubles, etc.) Grey bin / black sacks
Christmas tree Green-lid bin / Household Waste Recycling Centre
Christmas wrapping paper (plain) Blue-lid bin / blue box
Christmas wrapping paper (non plain)* Grey bin / black sacks
Cigarette Lighters (empty) Grey bin / black sacks
Cling film Grey bin / black sacks
Clothes Textile bank or charity shop
Coat hanger (metal) Grey bin / black sacks/Household Waste Recycling Centre
Coat hanger (plastic) Grey bin / black sacks
Coffee Capsule (plastic) Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Coffee cup (take away) Grey bin / black sacks
Coffee disc (e.g. Tassimo) remove film Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Coffee grounds Food caddy / compost
Compost (small amounts from plant pots) Green-lid bin
Compostable Magazine Wrapper Home Compost Bin or Grey bin / black sack 
Compostable Packaging  Home Compost Bin or Grey bin / black sack
Computer (inc. monitor) Bulky waste collection / Household Waste Recycling Centre
Contact lens Grey bin / black sacks
Contact lenses - cardboard box Blue-lid bin / blue bag
Contact lenses - plastic case Grey bin / black sacks
Cooking oil Grey bin / black sacks
Cork Grey bin / black sacks
Cork metal holder (from fizzy wine) Grey bin / black sacks
Cotton buds Grey bin / black sacks
Cotton wool Grey bin / black sacks
Crab shell Food caddy
Crisp packet Grey bin / black sacks
Crockery Grey bin / black sacks
Curtain Rail (plastic or wooden) Household Waste Recycling Centre
Cutlery Grey bin / black sacks / Household Waste Recycling Centre

*Non plain wrapping paper is paper that contains a shiny gloss, sparkles, fancy bows, etc.

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