Food waste

Food Caddy

All households are provided with a 5 litre internal kitchen food caddy and a 23 litre kerbside caddy to dispose of food waste, free of charge.

kerbside caddy 23 litre

What should I put in my food caddy?

You can put the following inside your food caddy:

  • meat - raw and cooked, bones
  • fish/shellfish - raw and cooked, including bones and shells
  • eggs and egg products (including egg shells)
  • dairy products eg cheese and yogurts
  • bread, cakes and other baked goods
  • pasta and rice
  • beans and pulses
  • fruit – raw and cooked
  • salad and vegetables - raw and cooked
  • Vegetable peelings
  • tea bags (including the bag) and coffee grounds
  • lard and other hard fats
  • pet food
  • any meal leftovers

Please do not include:

  • Newspaper
  • packaging of any sort
  • cardboard
  • foil
  • plastic film or plastic bags
  • glass
  • other recycling
  • garden waste
  • straw or other animal bedding
  • liquids

Your free annual supply of caddy liners

You'll get a free supply of 52 kitchen caddy liners in April/May. These conform to the BS:EN13432 standard and display the compostable seed logo.

How to use your food caddy

food caddy instruction 1

Line your kitchen caddy with the liners provided and fill with food waste. You do not have to use the caddy liners, if you wish you can place the food items directly into the caddy. Please do not use plastic bags or newspaper as a liner.

food caddy instruction 2

When the liner is full, tie it closed and put it into your kerbside food waste caddy. To keep your kitchen caddy clean you can wash it out or put it in the dishwasher.

food caddy instruction 3

Place your kerbside food caddy alongside your other containers on a weekly basis by 7am on your normal collection day. Please store the kerbside food caddy out of direct sunlight and ensure it is locked to stop animals getting to the food waste.

I require further caddy liners

Buy from us

If you run out of your annual supply and require additional liners, you can buy these direct from the main reception at the following locations:

Town Hall, Matlock*

Arc Leisure Matlock

Ashbourne Leisure Centre

Bakewell Swimming Pool

Wirksworth Leisure Centre

Liners purchased from us cost £2.00 per roll (52 bags in each roll).

(* Please note: we are unable to accept cash payment at the Town Hall. If you wish to pay by card, a minimum payment of £5 is required).

Liners can also be bought direct from the suppliers website at

Caddy liners can also be purchased from local supermarkets. However they must conform to the BS:EN13432 standard and display the compostable seed logo.

We have to make sure the liners meet specific requirements and can be handled by the re-processing plant. Any liners that are not suitable could contaminate the load and result in waste being rejected and disposed of at landfill (refuse tip).

Storing the liners

They are best kept in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight and safe from young children and pets. They will last up to 12 months if stored with care but may weaken with age, so don't keep too many. If you keep them under a sink or in a garden shed use something waterproof e.g. a plastic bag, don't let them get damp or mouldy.

Broken/missing caddy

If your kitchen caddy/kerbside caddy is broken or has gone missing please visit our 'order a new/replacement container' web page for further information on how to request a replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my collection day?

Your specific collection days can be found on the 'when is my collection' page.

Do I have to have a kerbside food caddy?

Yes. Although some households may not have a lot of food waste, it is still important all food waste is sent to recycling rather than ending up in landfill (a refuse tip).

Where food waste collections have been introduced elsewhere, residents have realised just how much food they throw away. This has resulted in them taking steps to reduce food waste and food bills.

Because your food waste will be collected more frequently than your household waste, it reduces the likelihood of any problems with odours or flies.

Can I use plastic bags to line my caddy?

No. Plastic bags are not compostable and can contaminate the load resulting in the waste being sent to landfill (a refuse tip). Caddy liners must conform to the BS:EN13432 standard and display the compostable seed logo. We have to make sure the liners meet specific requirements and can be handled by the re-processing plant.

My kerbside caddy is not large enough for the size of my family

One kitchen and one kerbside caddy are provided free of charge. A 23 litre caddy should be more than sufficient for a weekly food waste collection. If you are throwing too much food away you should consider reducing the amount of food you buy and the size of the meals you prepare. In exceptional circumstances an additional caddy will be provided.

How do I stop animals from getting into my caddy?

When you put your kerbside caddy out for collection ensure the lid is closed and the handle is positioned in the forward position to lock the lid. If possible, it may help if your caddy is placed at a height, maybe on your garden wall.

What happens to the food waste I collect?

Your food waste is sent to an AD plant that processes household food wastes. Solid and liquid waste is treated, which is turned into biomethane and sent to the gas grid. The site also produces an excellent bio-fertiliser which is spread on local farmland.

Can I wrap food in newspaper and put in the bin?

No. Newspaper will contaminate the load. Food waste can be placed directly in the kitchen caddy which, once emptied, can be washed under the tap or in your dishwasher.

Can I put pet food in this bin?

Yes, it is quite acceptable to put leftover pet food in your food caddy.

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