Derbyshire Dales Local Plan Pre-Submission Draft Consultation

This consultation ended on 25 July 2013.

Local Plan timetable

The preparation of the Derbyshire Dales Local Plan has been informed by previous consultations undertaken as part of the work undertaken on the Derbyshire Dales and High Peak Joint Core Strategy. The District Council has now revised its timetable for the preparation of the Derbyshire Dales Local Plan:

  • Commencement of Preparation Process - 2nd October 2006
  • Public Participation in the preparation of DPD (Issues and Options) - 26th March 2009
  • Consultation on Growth Options - 27th August 2009
  • Consultation on Preferred Options - 3rd June 2010
  • Consultation on Housing Options and Settlement Framework Boundary – June – August 2012
  • Derbyshire Dales Local Plan Pre-Submission Plan – June 2013
  • Submission to the Secretary of State – October 2013
  • Examination in Public – January 2014
  • Adoption – May 2014

The Derbyshire Dales Local Plan is a very important document, as it sets out the overall vision, objectives, and polices for the future development of the parts of the Derbyshire Dales that lie outside the Peak District National Park for the period up to 2028.

The preparation of the Derbyshire Dales Local Plan has been undertaken in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders including members of the public, parish councils and the development industry. It has been prepared following four periods of public consultation; Issues and Options (March to May 2009) and Growth Options (August to October 2009), Joint Core Strategy Draft Plan (June-July 2010) and Housing Issues and Options (June – July 2012).

This is the final stage of consultation on the Derbyshire Dales Local Plan before it is subject to an Examination in Public held by an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State. The Inspector is required to consider whether the plan has been prepared in accordance with the relevant Regulations and is 'sound'.

Supporting documents