Your bin day leaflet - important information

HEADS-UP | We're aware that Serco have sent out an incorrect new bin day leaflet to a minority of households who subscribe to our garden waste collections.

The good news is that we're still two weeks away from the switchover to new days (w/c 18 September) and Serco are sending out correct updated leaflets - at their cost - by first class post this week to those affected. The updated leaflets will be clearly marked "updated".

To be specific, the database error occurred when mapping some residents who currently subscribe to garden waste collections who will experience a delay of 14 days or more between their old and new collection day.

Council tax-payers will not meet any of the cost of this extra mailing - and indeed the initial mailing to all 35,000 homes in the Derbyshire Dales was also done entirely at Serco's expense.

So if you don't subscribe to our garden waste collections the bin day leaflet you have received already or will receive during this week is *correct*.

If you are a garden waste subscriber and don't receive an updated leaflet in the coming days then the leaflet you have already received or will receive during this week is also *correct*.

At the moment the online ‘when is my collection day’ search facility is being updated on our website, so this may not reflect the new collection schedules. Please ignore any references from 18 September onwards (there is a note on the search webpage to this effect).

We will inform residents via all our communications channels when the switchover to the new online calendars is due to take place and residents will then be able to double check their new collection details via the council’s website.

Serco have apologised to residents for any confusion and inconvenience. However, both they and the council have acted quickly to ensure the error is rectified quickly and efficiently.

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