Watch | Full Council, 26 January

A full meeting of the District Council will be broadcast live on our YouTube channel from 6pm on 26 January.

The Council will debate a Motion, submitted by Councillor Matthew Buckler, in accordance with Rule of Procedure 16, for the council to acknowledge that:

1. We are experiencing a nature crisis and the UK Government has recently committed to the COP15 requirements to address this. We recognise that with 41 percent of wild species in decline nationally, and 15 per cent facing extinction:

  1. Nature is in long term decline, and the requirement to take action to reverse this is urgent.
  2. Nature provides us with vital support systems (‘ecosystem services’), and severe declines in biodiversity are undermining nature’s productivity and adaptability, posing excessive uncertainty for our economies and wellbeing.
  3. A thriving natural environment underpins a healthy, happy, prosperous society.
  4. The nature crisis and the climate emergency are intrinsically linked. The impacts of the climate crisis are driving nature’s decline, while restoring nature provides a wide variety of cost-effective benefits to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change, such as through reducing the risk of flooding in our towns and villages.
  5. Many of our areas of work across the district have an impact on nature, and we have responsibilities to make decisions to protect and enhance it.

Other agenda items include a report on the performance against our Corporate Plan targets during the first six months of 2022/23 and information relating to proposed changes to the Local Government Council Tax Support Scheme.

Councillors will also hear about a Rural Area Designation proposal and a report proposing that the Council formally accepts the offer of £2,036,232 from central government under the Local Authority Housing Fund Grant to assist refugees and displaced people.

View the full agenda and reports.

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