Watch | Annual Budget Meeting, 2 March

Our annual Budget meeting will be broadcast live on our YouTube channel from 6pm on Thursday 2 March.

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Councillors will be asked to consider raising the District Council's share of Council Tax in the Derbyshire Dales by a below inflation 2.94% to maintain current service levels. It will mean an average extra 13p per week for a Band D property.

Although we collect Council Tax on behalf of the police, fire & rescue service and other councils, we only keep and spend 11% of the total on the services we provide for you. The majority (around 70%) goes direct to the County Council, 12% goes to Derbyshire Police, 4% to the Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service and 3% to your local town or parish council.

Derbyshire County Council's proposed increase in their share of your Council Tax in 2023/24 is 3.75%, Derbyshire Police's increase is 5.96%, Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service 6.19% and the average increase across all town and parish councils is 3.58%.

Your Council Tax will fund 30% of the District Council's £22.8m revenue budget in 2023/24, with sales, fees and charges (36%) again making up the biggest contribution.

To ensure our residents do not bear the full burden of providing the necessary funds to retain current services, we are proposing to use reserves to support the coming year's budget.

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