Waste collections UPDATE

You can now check your bin day information again online.


We will have four catch-up crews operating across the Derbyshire Dales this saturday (23 September), working hard to collect missed bins that we are aware of from week one of the day changes.

A dynamic change such as the wholesale optimisation of bin rounds to make them more efficient was always going to throw up some issues.

Here are some important headlines at the start of Day 4 of the new rounds:

  • Many properties continue to put out the wrong types of containers. Please note this week's collections could be the same you received last week.
  • Your usual bin collection time may have changed. ALL bins/containers must now be put out for collection the previous night or before 7am on your collection day
  • While this week some collections may be the same type as last week, that is happening this week *only*. From next week all collections will follow the same collection sequence as previously, ie recycling and food waste one week followed by household waste and food waste the next.
  • Do not share the information in the leaflet sent to your address with other local residents, as some areas are split on different days (especially towns)

Thank you.

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