Successful eviction of unauthorised encampment

Derbyshire Dales Illegal Encampment Task Force, chaired by the Police and Crime Commissioner, met again today to discuss an unauthorised encampment at Matlock’s Station Car Park.

An eviction took place to plan yesterday after Derbyshire Dales District Council successfully secured a court order to remove additional unauthorised caravans and their occupants from the car park.

A Traveller family to whom the District Council owes a legal duty remain in a designated area of the site as before.

The Illegal Encampment Task Force, which comprises District Council ward members, officers and police officers, only deals with encampments that do not have the owner's permission.

The Task Force would like to thank local police for their support in helping to facilitate the eviction of those who were illegally occupying the site.

Any issues should be reported directly to the Council or the Police immediately.

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