Starkholmes Allotments | Cross-party statement

Our Leadership Advisory Group has issued this cross-party statement:

As a district council we have recently defended the Starkholmes allotments designation as an asset of community value.

Just prior to the tribunal the landlord took action to begin clearance of the allotment site. As a council we are deeply disappointed that the landlord took this unilateral action on these precious allotments.

We will continue to work closely with the town council to support them in the compulsory order as we seek to protect the allotments for the long term. We recognise the importance of the allotments in the Starkholmes community and we will continue to work with key stakeholders to seek a positive outcome for the community.

Signed by

Cllr Garry Purdy (Conservative group leader), Cllr Neil Buttle (Green/Independent group leader), Cllr Mike Ratcliffe (Labour group leader), Cllr Steve Flitter (Liberal Democrats group leader), Cllr Colin Swindell (Independent group leader)

Drone photos showing the same allotments site before and after damage by diggers

The allotments site pictured before and after clearance began.

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