Progressive Alliance to run Dales council

This Thursday, 25 May, will see the Liberal Democrats, Labour and the Green Party celebrate an agreement to run Derbyshire Dales District Council for the next 4 years.

The local elections on May 4 resulted in the Conservatives losing control of the Council for the first time in almost a quarter of a century, and replaced as the largest Party by the Liberal Democrats, who now have 12 of the 34 seats.

Labour and the Green Party also made gains and, with 6 and 4 seats respectively, have joined forces with the Lib Dems to form a 'Progressive Alliance'. The Annual Meeting of the Council will establish a new administration, run on a collaborative basis by the 3 Parties, with Liberal Democrat Steve Flitter as leader of the Council. Councillor Flitter will be supported by Peter Slack (Labour leader) and Neil Buttle (Green Party leader) to form a united Leadership Team.

In a joint statement, Steve, Peter and Neil said:

"We are delighted to come together as 3 progressive Parties to offer the residents and businesses of the Derbyshire Dales a new approach to local politics. We know that our District faces many challenges, not least the cost of living crisis, the shortage of affordable housing for our young families and the threat to our environment from new developments and pollution.

"Working together we will support our communities in the best and most effective way, and provide them with genuinely value-for-money services.”

Amongst the priorities announced by the Progressive Alliance are:

  • a new approach to the District's Local Plan, with an emphasis on protecting the environment and creating sustainable, prosperous communities
  • a housing strategy, with the aim of enabling everyone throughout the District to be able to live and prosper in their own community and with a housing stock fit for purpose to meet the challenges of climate change
  • re-invigorated Climate Change and Biodiversity Strategies, working with businesses, farmers and the community to reduce carbon emissions and enhance the biodiversity of our varied landscapes
  • an open, inclusive and transparent way of working, supported by a re-energised Council management and workforce

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