Are you ready for bin day changes?

Apologies if we're labouring the point... but don't forget new bin day collections for 9 in every 10 Derbyshire Dales households start this coming Monday, 18 September.

Even if your bin day isn't changing there's a chance that the sequencing and usual time of your collection could be - so please read the leaflet we've posted to all 35,000 homes in the Dales very carefully (both sides), checking when and what is being collected next week.

If you haven't seen the leaflet, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including your full postal address (not just your postcode).

A few households received their original leaflet in error. An updated leaflet will land today or tomorrow for those households only.

If you don't get an updated leaflet today or tomorrow, please regard the information on your original leaflet as correct.

Do not rely on the information on our website's "when is my collection" service or the annual online calendar, as the new database of collections can't be transferred until overnight into Monday. We will confirm when the new online information has been checked and is available.

Thank you.

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