Derbyshire Clauses Policy Consultation

We are consulting on our Derbyshire Clauses Policy.

863 ex-council house properties have placed on the deeds a covenant that restricts the sale or leasing of the property to people that meet certain criteria.  If you have lived or worked in the Derbyshire or Peak Park areas for three years you will be allowed to buy or lease the property, however the Council will allow a sale/lease to proceed in certain circumstances even if you do not meet the three year criteria.  The purpose of these clauses are to provide affordable housing and to stop ex-council house properties being turned into second homes or holiday lets. 

The Council is seeking views on a new policy that explains in what circumstances it will consider granting a dispensation so that officers can make delegated decisions, thus eliminating delay in the decision making process.  It is also intended to give guidance to those applying on what evidence the Council wishes to see and give those applying the right to appeal to members if officers refuse permission. 

Read the Derbyshire Clauses Policy

The consultation is open until Friday 16th July 2021 and any comments should be sent to


We are consulting on the Derbyshire Clauses Policy.

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