Our first 'virtual' meeting

Derbyshire Dales District Council held its first virtual meeting on Tuesday, 12 May.

Councillors and officers met remotely via the Zoom video platform and members of the public could view the extraordinary meeting live on the District Council's YouTube channel (below).

At the Extraordinary Council Meeting councillors agreed protocols and procedures for remote meetings during the continuing coronavirus crisis and also agreed to the creation of an Emergency Committee to deal with matters normally heard by the full council.

Membership of the eight-councillor Emergency Committee will be based on political proportionality - and the temporary arrangement will be kept under review.

Councillors also agreed that meetings of the District Council's two policy committees continue to be temporarily suspended, with all urgent decisions referred to the new Emergency Committee.

Meetings of the Planning Committee are temporarily suspended, with Officers continuing to be given delegated authority in consultation with the Chairman of the Planning Committee and relevant Ward Members to determine planning applications.

However, it was agreed that meetings of the Planning Committee will be convened to deal with exceptional business where an application attracts significant public opposition, and where public participation is desirable.

The Licensing Committee will meet as and when required to deal with matters not subject to delegation to Officers.

Public Participation is suspended temporarily, replaced with an alternative mechanism for the public to bring matters to the Council’s attention by email, post or phone.

View the full agenda here [PDF]
Derbyshire Dales District Council held its first virtual meeting on Tuesday, 12 May.

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