Sheffield City Region Devolution Survey

Your District Council is a non-constituent member of Sheffield City Region (SCR) Combined Authority, which is currently consulting about a proposed Devolution Agreement between SCR and Government.

Your views are extremely important and we hope you are able to take the time to complete the online survey.

sheffield city region logoYour participation in this survey is entirely voluntary and you do not have to answer every question in order for your views to be heard. There is an option as part of the survey to leave your personal details and to let us know if you are representing the views of a particular organisation or interest group. Whether you wish to leave these details or not, your answers will be treated confidentially. Your information will be held securely and will not be shared.

District Council leader Councillor Lewis Rose OBE said:

"Business growth and job creation are the District Council's top priorities for the Derbyshire Dales and I am pleased residents and businesses are getting this opportunity to have their say on what we regard as a significant opportunity to further promote and grow the very many small and micro businesses that are so important to the economy of our region.

"When this deal is done, the main benefit for the Derbyshire Dales will be the ability to bid to the completely new SCR funding allocation of £900m over the next 30 years, increasing the available pot for infrastructure and business growth projects and supporting our residents' ambition for a thriving district."

  • Derbyshire Dales District Council is a non-constituent member of SCR Combined Authority and a constituent member of the Derby and Derbyshire Joint Economic Prosperity Committee (the forerunner to a Combined Authority).
  • We are in the areas of both the SCR and D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnerships because our economy naturally looks both ways – the north of the Derbyshire Dales looks firmly towards Sheffield, whereas the south of the Derbyshire Dales looks towards Derby and other places. The central Dales looks mostly to Chesterfield, which in turn looks firmly towards Sheffield.

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