We will strive for your "thriving" priority

Creating a thriving local economy is the number one priority for Derbyshire Dales residents.

Business growth and job creation are at the top of the list on the District Council's new Corporate Plan, adopted unanimously by councillors last week.

What matters most to local people was the question posed in a residents' survey and series of focus groups during the summer.

More than 1,300 residents took part and came back with three clear aims for the District Council: clean, safe and thriving.

Affordable housing, previously the council's top priority, is second on the list for the new programme for 2015-19, followed by a new third priority focusing on the Dales' market towns, their stall markets in particular.

Councillor Lewis Rose OBECouncil Leader Councillor Lewis Rose OBE said:

"The first thing we must do is thank all those residents who took part in the Corporate Plan survey and workshops. They have told us very clearly what matters most to them and we will work hard over the coming four years to respond to their wishes.

"While we have achieved much in recent times through housing and economic initiatives, there is still some way to go to do justice to the word 'thriving'. Pay for jobs in the Dales is among the lowest in Derbyshire and lags some way below the national average. More than that, there is a worrying dependency on a declining public sector that remains the largest employer in the district ahead of manufacturing.

"So we agree with our residents that business growth and job creation have to be our highest priority for the coming years - and success in this area will also of course feed the need for more affordable housing for local people.

"It is also clear that maintaining standards that keep the Dales clean and safe is very important to local people, so we will continue to work hard on this, while, in challenging times for local government finances, we look to achieve additional savings and efficiencies across all our services."

  • View the new Corporate Plan here.

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