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Wirksworth Town Council election result

The result of the Wirksworth Town Council election, counted today (Saturday).

Clamp, Alison Louise (Labour Party) 1,211 Elected
Dew, Benjamin James (Labour Party) 1,021 Elected
Gratton, Gladwyn Hedley Kilkenny (The Conservative Party Candidate) 825 Elected
Jordan, Andrew Peter Habberley (Labour Party) 850 Elected
Maskrey, Stephen John (Independent) 772 Elected
Pollock, Andrew George (Labour Party) 1,253 Elected
Stockell, Josh (Green Party) 823 Elected
Taylor, Pamela Elizabeth (Labour Party) 967 Elected
Whittall, Christopher Royston (Labour Party) 1,173 Elected

Williams, Joanna Elizabeth (Independent 590
Taylor, Paul Howard (Labour Party) 542
Keeling, Roger John 279

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