Another new style of football kicks off in Ashbourne

There's a different kind of football coming to Ashbourne very soon - and it's nothing to do with Shrovetide!

Derbyshire Dales walking footballThe massively popular Walking Football kicks off at the District Council's Ashbourne Leisure Centre on Monday 23 February from 2-3pm.

The latest sporting craze is getting extra time in Ashbourne after successful District Council pilot schemes in Baslow at the village's multi-use games area (Thursdays 10-11am) and at our Arc Leisure Matlock (Wednesdays 10-11am).

Weekly sessions of a game that has all the same rules as football - but with no running - cost just £3 a time, and it's free for Fitness Freedom members.

The District Council is working in partnership with Derbyshire FA and Village Games, and Chairman of the District Council's Community Committee, Councillor Jennifer Bower said:

"Walking football is aimed at the over 50s but is actually perfect for anyone who hasn't played football for some time and those recovering from injuries."

There is no need to book in advance, but for more information contact Ashbourne Leisure Centre on 01335 343 712 or email

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