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Consultation information

Consultation and Engagement

Involving local people and our partners is important to Derbyshire Dales District Council. The more we know about residents' and partners’ views, the more likely we are to have policies and services that residents are satisfied with.

Consultation Strategy

The Consultation and Engagement Strategy 2021-27 explains how we make sure we consult with everyone affected by our policies and services. Consultation helps us to create and provide services that reflect local needs.

The Consultation & Engagement Strategy has four objectives:

  1. To improve the performance of Council services
  2. To develop and evaluate the Council’s policies, services and projects
  3. To inform the prioritisation of resources available to the Council
  4. To promote dialogue with local communities and enable local delivery of services where appropriate

View the current Consultation Strategy

Consultation and Engagement Plan

The consultation and engagement plan explains which topics we will be consulting with people about each year. It shows how each consultation is linked to an action in our Corporate Plan.

The current consultation plan covers the period from April 2022 to March 2024 [need to insert link to current plan]

View the current Consultation Plan 2020 to 2024

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