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Accessing historic planning information

Decision notices are available online for planning applications that were validated from July 2005 onwards. However sometimes historic planning decisions, or S106 agreements are required, for example when someone is selling a house.

Historic decision notices and Section 106 agreements can be obtained by filling in the form below and paying the necessary fee. Documents will be emailed out within 10 working days of the request and payment being received.

Additionally if you do not know the planning history of a property but would like to find out what applications have been made previously, you can fill in the form below and pay the £20 search fee for this to be undertaken.

If you wish to view a historic planning file, all applications made prior to 2002 are archived off site and there is a £20 fee to retrieve them – this process can take up to 10 working days. Once the file(s) is retrieved there will be charges for any hard copies or scans of the documents you require. You may also view the planning files requested at the Town Hall in Matlock and obtain copies of any documents at the same time.

For application files from 2002 onwards, these can be viewed at the Town Hall as long as 24 hours’ notice has been given for retrieval.


  • Decision notice copy £12.50
  • S106 agreement copy £12.50
  • Planning search £20.00
  • Retrieval of historic planning file(s) from archive £20.00

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