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Longford Conservation Area is predominately a rural area located in the south-east of the Derbyshire Dales District within the parish of Longford. The southern and eastern boundaries of the parish, border with South Derbyshire and the boundary extends north as far as Rodsley and Hollington. To the east and south of the parish are the villages of Thurvaston and Sutton on the Hill and to the west is Alkmonton.

Longford Conservation Area is concentrated within the parish, on land and buildings to the north and south sides of Long Lane, the latter on an east-west alignment between Alkmonton and Thurvaston. On the northern side of Long Lane is St Chad's Church, Longford Hall Farm, South Park Lodge, the Cemetery and land associated with the Longford Estate. To the southern side of Long Lane, the Conservation Area extends to include land and buildings to either side of Main Street and along Sepycoe Lane. Properties and land to both sides of Longford Lane, including parts of the former settlement of Bupton, are also included. The Conservation Area includes the majority of the village settlement.

The designation of Longford Conservation Area was in September 2011. It comprises 64.59 hectares.

Historic Assets

Within Longford Conservation Area there are circa 70 properties. There are 18 buildings or structures given national recognition by being included on the 'List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest' i.e. 'listed buildings'. Buildings are 'listed' by English Heritage in conjunction with the Department of Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport.

Of these 18 entries, one is listed Grade I which is the Church of St. Chad. Longford Hall, its associated gate and gate piers, Longford Hall Stables & Coach House, and Longford Hall Farm Barn (1760) are all listed Grade II* and the remaining 13 are listed Grade II. Structures range from the Cheese Factory, to bridges, table tombs and cowsheds, All are recognised for the contribution they make both individually and visually within the street-scene or surrounding landscape.

Longford Conservation Area contains no Scheduled Monuments.

Longford Conservation Area Character Appraisal

In 2007 Longford Parish Council approached Derbyshire Dales District Council in respect of consideration being given to Longford as a potential Conservation Area. The Parish Council also submitted a draft document to Derbyshire Dales District Council entitled "Longford - Proposal for Conservation Status" which included a 'Study Area' for consideration.

An initial consideration of the Study Area was undertaken by the District Council in early 2010. Whilst it was recognised that Longford had undergone a number of changes to land and buildings within the settlement and contained a relatively high percentage of 20th century properties, there still appeared to be sufficient historic and architectural features within the area for potential Conservation Area designation. A more comprehensive assessment was then undertaken which formed a Draft Character Appraisal document.

The purpose of undertaking a comprehensive Appraisal for Longford was to more clearly identify and define those elements which comprise the special historic and architectural qualities of the area and which might enable Longford to be considered for designation as a Conservation Area. The Character Appraisal considered the origins of the area, its archaeological significance, the architectural and historic quality of the buildings, the relationship of buildings and spaces, the landscape and setting of the conservation area, the negative and neutral factors affecting the area and its general condition. The document also included policy and legislative guidance and a recommendation for a potential Conservation Area boundary.

The Longford Conservation Area Character Appraisal will act as a guide for owners and occupiers of buildings within the area and for the local planning authority, as well as potential developers, interested groups and individuals. The approved document will be a material consideration when determining applications for development, dealing with appeals or proposing works for the preservation or enhancement of the area. It broadly follows the model set out in English Heritage guidance (Guidance on Conservation Area Appraisals - February 2006).

The approved Longford Conservation Area Character Appraisal and the relevant Committee reports and appendices can be viewed below.

Buildings at Risk

Of the listed entries within Longford Conservation Area, three are recognised by the District Council as being at some degree of 'risk'. Longford Stables and Coach House at Longford Hall Farm (Grade II*) is included on the national 'Heritage at Risk' Register produced and maintained by English Heritage. This building, the adjacent Grade II* listed barn (1760) and Longford Almshouses (Grade II) are on the District Councils 'Building at Risk Register. Buildings on this Register are regularly monitored.

Article 4 Directions

There are no additional planning controls, such as an Article 4 Direction, on any of the properties in Longford Conservation Area.

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