Brailsford Conservation Area is predominantly a rural area.

The boundary includes land and buildings to the east of Luke Lane, both north and south of Main Road. Old Hall Farmhouse and The Green form part of the eastern boundary and to the southern most part of the Conservation Area is The Old Rectory.

The original designation of Brailsford Conservation Area was in July 1996. There have been no further amendments. It currently comprises 5.7 hectares.

Historic Assets

Within Brailsford Conservation Area there are 55 buildings, of which 4 are listed entries, all Grade II.

Brailsford Conservation Area contains no Scheduled Monuments.

Buildings at Risk

None of the listed buildings within the Brailsford Conservation Area are recognised by the District Council as being 'at risk'.

Article 4 Directions

There are no additional planning controls, such as an Article 4 Direction, on properties in Brailsford Conservation Area.

Brailsford Conservation Area Map [PDF 95KB]

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