Parking permits and blue badge

Resident parking permit

Cost of a resident parking permit

  • First parking permit in household*
  • Free second parking permit in household - £60
  • Replacement permits - £60

* We issue the free parking permit to every household during March each year.

Applying for a second/replacement resident's parking permit

Applications for second/replacement 2022/23 resident's parking permits will be made available from 1st March 2023.

Apply online

If your application is successful, it can take up to 10 working days for the permit to get to you in the post.

Information you will need to hand

  • Full postal address
  • Email address and telephone number
  • Council Tax number (found on your Council Tax Bill)
  • Payment card details

What is the resident parking permit?

The annual Residents' Free Parking Concession is automatically issued to all households within the Derbyshire Dales district. In order to benefit from the concession and be exempt from the pay and display charges before 11am and after 4pm daily, the badge must be displayed clearly on the windscreen of your vehicle. Only one free badge is available to each household.

The badge is issued for use under the following conditions:-

  • It is only valid on the District Council's Pay and Display car parks.
  • It is valid for use before 11.00AM and after 4.00PM, at all other times you must pay and display.
  • Displaying the badge will enable you to park without paying, but all other rules apply.
  • You may buy a 1 hour parking ticket before 11am and display it alongside your badge to extend your stay to 12 noon. (Maximum extension 1 hour, valid on day of purchase only).

Please look after the badge as free replacements will not be issued.

Discount season tickets

Discount season tickets are available for long stay car parks. If you need all day parking on a regular basis, a season ticket could save you money, costing less per week than two day's parking charge. You can also spread the cost over the year by choosing to pay by monthly direct debit. Apply online or please contact us by phone to pay by direct debit.

  • Annual Discount Season Ticket - Zone Specific - £504.80
  • Six month Discount Season Ticket - Zone Specific - £252.40
  • Annual Discount Season Ticket - District Wide - £631.00
  • Six month Discount Season Ticket - District Wide - £315.50

Discount Season Ticket Zones

  • ASHBOURNE: Bus Station, Cattle Market, Swimming Pool
  • BAKEWELL: New Street, Agricultural Business Centre
  • MATLOCK: Artist Corner, Bank Road. The Station, Town Hall Front, Imperial Road (Rooftop)
  • MATLOCK BATH: Station Yard, Temple Road, Artist Corner
  • WIRKSWORTH: Market Place, Barmote Croft

Restrictions on Availability

Season tickets are not available for the following:

  • Short stay car parks Market Place & Granby Road, Bakewell
  • Market Place, Ashbourne
  • Monsal Head frontage (opposite Monsal Head Hotel)
  • Pavilion, Matlock Bath
  • Shawcroft, Ashbourne.
  • Spa Villas, Matlock
  • Olde Englishe, Matlock

The following restrictions are in place on market days in Bakewell

  • Agricultural Business Centre

Parking limited to grassland overspill areas on livestock market days (Mondays, Thursdays and occasional Saturdays).

Attendants will be present to direct visitors to parking spaces on such days.

Please note, there maybe other restrictions which you will be notified of on application.

Rover Passes - 3 day and 7 day parking passes

What is the Rover Pass?

Seven-day and three-day Rover parking passes entitles you to unlimited use in our car parks across the Derbyshire Dales (please note the maximum permitted period will apply in our short-stay car parks).

How to buy a Rover Pass?

You can buy a Rover Pass by using the Pay by Phone app. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store or visit the PayByPhone website.

The location number is 806602 which gives you the option to buy a 3-day or 7-day pass.

If you do not have access to a smartphone, you can call 0330 400 7275 when you are ready to activate a rover pass.Whether you use the App or use the telephone number, you will need to answer a few questions and register a credit/debit card and this information is stored for future use.

If you have any questions, please contact us

  • Weekly Rover pass (7 days) - £25.60
  • 3-day Rover Pass - £10.90

Blue Badge

Apply: To apply for/renew a Blue Badge, please visit the Derbyshire County Council website.

Parking charges apply to blue badge holders however, they are given an extra hour on top of what they have paid for.

The existing right of Blue Badge holders to park on restricted stretches of the public highway is not affected by the new charging scheme proposal.

Blue Badge holders will continue to exercise that right in areas that do not cause obstruction.

There are a number of designated spaces in most of the car parks which are wider for wheelchair access. If the car park you are using has no disabled bays, or if they are full, the blue badge can be used in any pay and display bay.

Your badge must be clearly displayed on the dashboard. Vehicles parked in disabled bays, without clearly displaying valid blue badges may be issued a Penalty Charge Notice.

Further information on the Blue Badge scheme.

Bakewell resident parking scheme

Derbyshire County Council are responsible for administering the resident parking scheme in Bakewell. Please visit their resident parking scheme web page for further information.

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