Motorhome parking

In most cases, you can park your motorhome in our car parks if the vehicle meets the following 3 criteria:

  1. the vehicle is intended for private use only (and not a commercial vehicle)
  2. the vehicle can negotiate any height restriction that is in place
  3. it can be accommodated in a normal marked bay (on those car parks where bays are clearly defined).

Height barriers

The following five car parks have 2.1m high restriction barriers and are unsuitable for smaller high-sided motor caravans that would otherwise fit into a marked bay:

Our other parking locations have no height restriction.

Parking bays

All of our bays are marked out to the standard car park bay dimensions of 2.4m X 4.8m, which will allow motorhomes constructed on small commercial vehicle chassis to park.

Vehicles larger than a standard parking space

If your motorhome is larger than the standard parking space (2.4m X 4.8m), you can only park in the following unlined parking areas:

  • Matlock Bath - Matlock Bath Station - upper unmarked level (adjacent to coach parking area)
  • Matlock Bath - Matlock Bath Station overspill car park
  • Little Longstone - Monsal Head - long stay car park (to rear of Monsal Head Hotel)
  • Bakewell - Agricultural Business Centre – 8 designated bays for use on non-livestock sales days. (Limited alternative grassland parking on livestock sales days, Mondays and Thursdays weekly).

If your parked motorhome takes up more than 1 parking space (i.e. your vehicle takes up 2 parking spaces or more, you will need to pay for the number of spaces occupied. Otherwise you will be at risk of receiving a parking fine.

Your parked motorhome must not cause obstruction to other motorists.

Given that the Derbyshire Dales is a popular area for tourists, we do not condone the use of reserved coach bays by any vehicle other than a coach or large minibus.

Overnight parking

Overnight parking is allowed on most of our car parks, but camping is prohibited.

Your motorhome may be left overnight, but only if unattended. Sleeping within the vehicle is not allowed. Cooking anywhere within the vehicle or car park grounds is also not allowed.

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