Walking difficulty levels

It is a hard task to say how difficult a walk is, as everyone is different and what they think is easy might be hard for another. We try and describe as best we can the terrain, whether stiles are included and whether hills are taken. We include a time bracket and a sort of distance but the reality is that they are just a guide. Don't be afraid to have a go

We have several levels of walks so there is something for everyone:

Very short walk: 30 - 60 minutes

Suitable for people who have not walked much before, are working to be more active, or are returning from injury or illness. The walks are on flat ground or gentle slopes with mainly firm surfaces with no stiles. The walk goes as far as those on it want to - very flexible

Short walk: 60 – 90 minutes

Suitable for people looking for gentle exercise in the company of others. Walks are on good surfaces at a very steady pace and designed to gently increase your heart rate. No stiles are included. Hills may be included but will be taken at a very steady pace with stops. Distance about 2 miles.

Steady walk around 90 minutes

The walks will suit walkers who would like to go a bit further but at a steady pace. Walks may include stiles and move uphill and downhill on rougher terrain. Distance covered varies but is around 3 - 3½ miles.

Longer steady walks: 120 – 180 minutes

Longer, more challenging walks which are likely to include stiles, uphill and downhill walking on rougher terrain.

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