Exercise by Referral Derbyshire

Aim of programme

To increase exercise and activity in everyday life for people who want to improve their health. It is especially for those people who currently do either no or very little physical activity but who are motivated to do more.

How long is the programme?

A comprehensive 12-week programme of exercise supported by qualified exercise referral staff.

What’s on offer?

  • There is a range of different physical activity and exercise opportunities available to access including: Gym sessions, swimming, fitness classes
  • Support to access opportunities to increase physical activity levels and support the self-management of health conditions longer term following completion of the initial 12-week programme

How do I get on it?

To access the programme you will need to be referred through a GP or qualified health professional and must meet the eligibility and inclusion criteria.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Aged 19 years+
  • Derbyshire resident/registered with a Derbyshire GP
  • Inactive, i.e. less than 150 minutes moderate intensity physical activity each week
  • Has not previously been referred onto this programme

Where can I participate?

  • Arc Leisure Centre, Matlock
  • Ashbourne Leisure Centre
  • Wirksworth Leisure Centre

Live Life Better Derbyshire

Anyone who is referred but does not meet the criteria of Exercise by Referral will not be accepted on the scheme. They may, however, be offered alternative options through our Live Life Better Derbyshire programme and leisure providers, but these may not be free of charge. Live Life Better Derbyshire weight management and stop smoking services are also available and patients are encouraged to access these services via self-referral or by completing the relevant section on the attached form. We will be pleased to provide you with wallet cards to give out to patients which provide details how to access the services.

Find out more at the Live Life Better Derbyshire website.

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