Moving house checklist

Amid the stress of organising your move to the beautiful Derbyshire Dales, it's easy to forget to do important tasks. As soon as you know you are moving, compile a to-do list to help keep you on track.

Careful organisation and timely planning will help remove the hassle from your removal. Ideally, you should start organising your removal at least two months in advance. Below is a moving house checklist to help you ensure that your move goes to plan.

Two months before

Make a removals folder: Collect all documentation regarding your move, such as your receipts, in a folder to help you keep on track of costs.

Sort and dispose: Go through each room in your home and decide which belongings you are keeping and which items you are leaving behind. Try and sell or donate any unwanted belongings, or arrange for them to be disposed of by your council.

Research removal companies: Start researching for a removal company and begin collecting quotes. Booking your removal as far in advance as possible can often save you money. Search for reputable companies conducting removals in your area.

Make a list of who to notify: You should inform certain government bodies, companies such as your energy and internet providers, and select individuals that you are moving. Forgetting this may cause avoidable stress and may put you at risk of identity fraud. You can easily set up a post forwarding service via the Post Office’s website.

Six weeks before

Order packing materials: You will need to organise packing materials for your removal. Ask friends and family if they have any spare packing boxes that you could use. Your removal company may also be able to provide packing materials. Don’t forget to purchase bubble wrap and tape.

Use up household products and food: Remember to use up the food in your freezer, and avoid buying new cleaning products. You could donate any unopened food (for example canned food) to your local food bank.

Take measurements: Take measurements of your furniture to ensure that it will fit through your doorways and hall.

Book your removal company: After researching removal companies and collecting removal quotes, book your move with your chosen removal company. A good company will guide you through the entire process and offer useful advice.

One month before

Begin packing: Start by packing your belongings which you use the least often. You should clearly label each box with its room and contents. Any essential items or valuable belongings should be packed separately.

Forward records: If you are moving outside of your current area, obtain school and medical records and forward these to your children’s new schools and doctor’s surgery respectively.

Two weeks before

Contact your removal company: Finalise the details of your move day with your moving company. Make sure you double check that all details are correct and that they have your current contact details.

Make arrangements for moving day: If you have children and/or pets, arrange for pet care and child care for the day of your move. You should also inform your employer that you are moving. Take the day off work if necessary.

One week before

Finish packing: Do not leave the last of your packing until the last minute. Instead, aim to finish packing a few days before you move. Pack a suitcase with essentials such as clothes to last you a couple of days.

A few days before

Defrost the freezer: If you are taking your freezer, empty, clean, and defrost it at least one day before moving. Movers will not move your freezer if it is full.

Check the final details: Go over the details of your move one last time and ensure you have completed everything on this checklist.

Following this checklist should help guarantee that your removal goes completely to plan.

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