Gritting and grit bins


Derbyshire County Council are responsible for gritting the majority of roads throughout the Derbyshire Dales. Please visit for further information.

Our primary responsibility is to grit our own car parks - our clean and green team then assist with gritting pavements (and snow clearing if needed) on a voluntary basis. The agreement we have with the County Council is that we will clear snow and grit footways in the main pedestrian areas in adverse weather, which usually means significant snow.

Gritting priority is given to car parks which are likely to receive the most use (e.g. in an around the major towns).

Our practice with regard to footpaths made slippery due to frost is to spread salt/grit in the five main town centres if we get alerts from the public.

Grit bins and salt heaps

We are not responsible for the maintenance of grit bins and salt heaps in the Derbyshire Dales. Derbyshire County Council own over 800 grit bins across Derbyshire and the various Town & Parish Councils own a further 1250 bins.

To report an issue with a grit bin or salt heap or if you simply require further information, please visit

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