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Contract Standing Orders

These Standing Orders (issued in accordance with Section 135 of the 1972 Local Government Act) are intended to promote good practice and public accountability and deter corruption. They provide a corporate framework for the procurement of all goods, services and works for the District Council.

Standing Orders are designed to ensure that all procurement activity is conducted with openness, probity and accountability. Officers responsible for entering into contracts, purchasing or disposal must comply with the statutory requirements of both the European Union and the United Kingdom Government. Officers must also comply with Standing Orders and Financial Regulations; the Code of Conduct; the Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy and the Procurement Strategy and Policies. Officers must ensure that any Agents, Consultants and contractual partners acting on their behalf also comply.

Breach of these rules will be taken very seriously as they are intended to both protect public money and demonstrate that the District Council takes its role as a guardian of public money very seriously. Should an Officer be found to be in breach of these rules then it may be treated as gross misconduct and could result ultimately in the dismissal of the employee. Similarly, anyone having knowledge of a failure to follow these rules must report a breach of these rules to the Monitoring Officer as soon as possible afterwards. Any failure to report a breach by a member of staff may also be treated as gross misconduct and could result in the Officer being dismissed.

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