Plastics recycling

Understanding plastics recycling symbols

Derbyshire Dales can take plastic recycling symbols 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 in the blue lid recycling bin / or blue bag if on a sack collection.

Plastic symbols 6 & 7 must go in the refuse grey lid bin or black sacks.

plastics recycling symbols

Symbol 1: PETG or PETE

Symbol 1 with the acronym PETE PETG plastic. Also known as PETE, this symbol represents polyethylene terephthalate, which is commonly used for soft drink bottles, mineral water containers, and fruit juice containers, and cooking oil containers.

Symbol 2: HDPE

Symbol 2 with the acronym HDPE indicates one of the most commonly used plastics, HDPE (which stands for high-density polyethylene). HDPE plastic is used for a number of different purposes but is widely considered the plastic of choice for containers for items like cleaning agents, milk, detergents, and washing soap thanks to its low weight and high strength.

Symbol 3: PVC or Vinyl

Plastic material that exhibit symbol 3 with the letter “V” represent PVC plastic or polyvinyl chloride. You may come across this plastic in trays for sweets and fruit.

Symbol 4: LDPE

Symbol 4 with the acronym LDPE indicates that the plastic is made from LDPE plastic, which stands for low-density polyethylene. This plastic comes in the form of shopping bags, highly-resistant sacks, and crushed bottles.

Symbol 5: PP

PP, or polypropylene plastic, is appropriately marked by the number five symbol including the acronym PP. Thanks to its durability, strength, and low weight, this plastic is one of the safer types of plastic making it ideal for ketchup bottles and medicine bottles.

Symbol 6: Styrene, or PS

Styrene plastic, also known as polystyrene, is marked with symbol 6 that includes the acronym PS. This plastic is commonly used in toys, hard packing, refrigerator trays, cosmetic bags, costume jewellery, CD cases, and vending cups.

Symbol 7: Other

Symbol 7 including the word “OTHER” stands for “other plastics,” which include, but are not limited to, acrylic plastic, polycarbonate plastic, polylactic fibres, nylon, and fibreglass. Not every plastic can be easily recycled.

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