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Business waste and recycling

Trade waste collections

We offer a commercial/trade waste collection service to businesses in our District which fully meets the Duty of Care requirements. There are two methods of commercial/trade refuse collection. Please note that waste collection is not included within your Business rates.

At present we do not offer recycling collections for businesses.

Green trade sacks

These are ideal for businesses which produce one or two bags of refuse per week. These can be purchased in rolls of 25 from:

  • Ashbourne - Ashbourne Leisure Centre, Leisure Way, DE6 1AA
  • Bakewell - Bakewell Swimming Pool, Granby Road, DE45 1ES
  • Matlock - Town Hall, Bank Road, DE4 3NN
  • Wirksworth - Wirksworth Leisure Centre, Hannage Way, DE4 4JG


Cost per roll of 25 sacks is £77.50. The charge includes the cost of the sack, collection and disposal of the waste.

Wheeled bins

Bins are emptied weekly but increased frequencies can be arranged. We do not provide a skip service for commercial waste.

Collection and disposal costs

  • 1100 Litre bin (equivalent to approx 18 sacks) - £21.15 per lift

trade waste bin 1100 litres

  • 660 Litre bin (equivalent to approx 11 sacks) - £14.50 per lift

trade waste bin 660 litre

  • 360 Litre bin (equivalent to approx 6 sacks) - £9.50 per lift

trade waste bin 360 litre

  • 240 Litre bin (equivalent to approx 4 sacks) - £7.60 per lift

trade waste bin 240 litre

Some schools and some not for Profit Organisations may be entitled to a reduced rate, as detailed below. Please contact Derbyshire Dales District Council to see if your organisation is entitled to the reduced rates.

  • 1100 Litre bin (equivalent to approx 18 sacks) - £10.60 per lift
  • 660 Litre bin (equivalent to approx 11 sacks) - £9.10 per lift
  • 360 Litre bin (equivalent to approx 6 sacks) - £6.40 per lift
  • 240 Litre bin (equivalent to approx 4 sacks) - £6.10 per lift

Invoices are raised monthly in advance and should be paid by Direct Debit.

We will only collect commercial waste presented in a commercial waste bin or sacks purchased from this council. Bin lids must be closed and no excess waste will be collected unless it is contained within green commercial waste sacks purchased from this council.

To arrange a collection or if you seek further advice please contact us.

Bulky/loose box collections

Any business can request a one off collection of trade waste bulky items. To request such a service please contact us using the details below. There is an hourly charge for this service which includes collection, travelling time and disposal costs.

Hazardous waste collection

Hazardous waste must be segregated from other waste, collected by specialist registered collectors and taken to an approved disposal site for hazardous waste.

Duty of Care

As a business you have a Duty of Care under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to store, transport and safely dispose of the waste you generate. If you hand over waste to a third party for collection you must ensure that they are an authorised waste carrier and registered with the Environment Agency. Failure to do so could result in enforcement action being taken against you.

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