Assisted collections - help putting your bins out

If you are physically unable to put containers at the edge of your property and there is no-one else living at home over the age of 16 years who can help, you can apply for an assisted collection. This means that the containers will be fetched by the refuse collectors from the place where you store them. The containers will also be returned to your storage point by the refuse collectors after they have been emptied.

Apply for help

To apply for an assisted collection, you must complete an assistance application form and your circumstances will be assessed. Please contact us and provide your name, full address and telephone number and we will post you a form. Your application form must be signed by a district nurse, health visitor, care worker, social worker or housing warden and returned to our Matlock Town Hall.

3 year review

You only need to apply once but your circumstances will be reviewed every three years to see if assistance is still required. If your circumstances change, the service may be withdrawn.

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