Local housing allowance rates

Anyone who rents their home from a private landlord and makes a successful claim for Housing Benefit will have their benefit worked out using the Local Housing Allowance rates.

These rates are dependent on where you live within the Derbyshire Dales and are set by something called a ‘Broad Market Rental Area (BMRA). Because of the size of Derbyshire Dales we have four BMRA:

  • Peaks and Dales (covering the bulk of the Dales)
  • Sheffield (anyone living in the north of the Dales)
  • East Staffordshire
  • Derby (where you rent in the south of the Dales)

Local Housing Allowance is a way of working out Housing Benefit for private tenants. The Local Housing Allowance rate is set by the Rent Service, which provides the "maximum allowance" for households.

The new weekly rates introduced for 2022/23 per week are as follows:

LocalitiesSheffield (North)East Staffs (East)Derby (South)Peaks and Dales (Largest area)
Shared rate £65.59 £67.08 £62.83 £70.19
1 Bedroom LHA £109.32 £97.81 £90.90 £97.70
2 Bedroom LHA £120.82 £120.82 £115.07 £120.82
3 Bedroom LHA £132.33 £143.84 £136.93 £143.84
4 Bedroom LHA £187.56 £182.96 £182.96 £172.60

Depending on where you live (post code) you will fall into one of the four areas listed above. These amounts are used to calculate your entitlement to Housing Benefit.

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