Private water supplies

Under the Private Water Supplies Regulations 2016 the District Council has a duty to ensure that the location of all private water supplies is recorded, and those that serve commercial businesses or more than one domestic property are monitored to ensure that they are of sufficiently high quality to protect the health of consumers.

Water supplies not provided by the public water supply (mains water) can be from a borehole, spring, well or originate from ground run-off. Each supply requires its own unique protection and treatment. Those supplies which fall within the scope of the regulations are risk assessed and improvements recommended.  If there is a risk to public health improvements will be enforced in accordance with the Regulations.

To check the effectiveness of any protection or treatment on the supply, a programme of sampling is carried out in accordance with the Regulations and the results of the risk assessment. Both bacteriological and chemical parameters are tested to monitor if the supply complies with standards laid out in the Regulations.

The District Council also has a duty to risk assess and monitor private distribution systems where mains water is provided to the boundary of a site and then distributed to buildings within that site. This includes caravan and camping sites.


The charges associated with sampling, risk assessments and any investigations are set annually by the District Council in accordance with the Regulations.

Service District Council Fee 2022/2023
Risk assessment for both Regulation 9 and 10 supplies £443:60
Desktop risk assessment of well managed supplies £184:40
Sampling visit and administration £60:60
Investigation £97:20
Granting an authorisation £46:00
Analysing a sample under regulation 10 Laboratory charge
Analysing of Group A parameters Laboratory charge
Analysing of group B parameters Laboratory charge

The District Council is happy to advise anyone who has, or is planning to have, a private water supply on how best to protect their supply, sample the water for quality and advise how best to plan any treatment that may be needed to ensure the safety of the drinking water.

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