Dog fouling

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Dog controls posterWhoopsies and poos are some of the cute names that are used to give a pleasant name to what is a rather unpleasant subject.

Allowing your dog to foul on open spaces and failing to clear it up is irresponsible, highly unpleasant and also potentially dangerous. Dog faeces carry many germs. A child who plays where a dog has fouled can pick up germs which lead to illness. In extreme cases this may result in blindness. 

What should dog owners do?

Ideally your dog should be trained to foul at home within your own garden where it easier to clear up and dispose of the waste correctly.

If your dog fouls in a public place please pick the dog waste using a suitable plastic bag. Seal the bag and then dispose of it in a dog waste bin, litter bin or in the bin provided for your domestic refuse.

If you wish to use 'poop-scoop' bags they can be purchased quite cheaply from most shops selling pet supplies.  Alternatively re-use carrier bags or use similar plastic bags, but we encourage you to use degradable bags where possible.

Public Spaces Protection Order

The Council's Public Spaces Protection Order includes controls to keep dogs on leads in certain areas and to not allow dogs in certain areas. There are also penalties for not cleaning up dog fouling.

Full details of the controls and sites are on the Public Spaces Protection Order webpage