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Council performance

2014/15 Performance Plan and Revenue Budget

Our Performance Plan and Summary Budget is an essential management and monitoring tool.  The Plan contains information about all of the District Council's services linked to the aims and objectives of the District Council's Corporate Plan.

Our 2014/15 Performance Plan and Revenue Budget agreed by Council on 6 March 2014 contains our performance during 2013/14 and our targets for this year.

The Plan includes our 'Key Performance Indicators' i.e. our 15 Priority Indicators, 11 Corporate Plan targets and a small number of other performance indicators of corporate significance. The Plan also includes the Revenue Budget for each service.

The remaining ' Service Performance Indicators' are contained within a separate Appendix 1.

Performance Management Handbook

This handbook sets out what performance management is and why it is so important to achieving and demonstrating improvement.  It explains what the District Council and its staff do to plan activity and to monitor, report and improve performance in order to deliver its priorities.  Please see the latest version below - published in November 2013.

Performance of the District Council's Priorities

The District Council manages its services throughout the year using Priority Performance Indicators and a 'traffic light' system. These are reported twice a year to our 3 Policy Committees.

Reports to Policy Committees in 2014/15

Below are summaries of our performance against Priority Indicators in 2013/14, and our targets for 2014/15.

Performance summaries


Performance Summaries (first of twice yearly reports)

Half year progress


Performance Summaries

Half Year progress

Please refer to pages 6 to 7 in the Performance Management Handbook above for more details of our approach to performance management.  

Full listing of Performance Management Reports from 2012/13 - 2013/14

Corporate Committee

Community Committee

Environment Committee


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