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Wirksworth - many wrong bins out today

Our crews are reporting that many wrong bins are out on Wirksworth rounds today.

We believe the information on the leaflets we sent out was correct.

As a result of new rounds, which started this week, bin collections in Wirksworth today are for food and domestic waste and, if subscribed, garden waste.

Crews will do another sweep of the area this afternoon to collect any domestic waste that is put out in the meantime.

Please note that Wirksworth is split between Tuesday and Friday rounds. Only residents who get their collections on a Tuesday are affected by today's issues.

We issued a plea via all our communication channels before new rounds started this week to double check your information leaflet to see what *type* of collection you are due to get this week.

In all areas, please note you could be getting the *same* type of collection you had last week. Our FAQs explain what to do if you now have more than 14 days between recycling or household waste collections.

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