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Bin day changes | The BIG questions

Our team have been receiving emails since yesterday from local people who haven't seen the bin day change leaflet posted to every address in the Derbyshire Dales.

You can still email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you haven't yet seen a leaflet about the bin day changes, which start from this coming Monday, 18 September.

Some feedback from us from the contacts we have had so far:

  • Please include your *full* postal address when you email us, not just your postcode (postcodes generally include several addresses).
  • Don't contact us if you don't live in the Derbyshire Dales. We've had emails from people living in Belper and even Derby!
  • Don't yet use the online "when is my collection" service or online annual calendar to check your new collection day. The online information cannot be relied on until the new rounds start on 18 September.
  • If the leaflet you have received states your new bin day is the same as your old one, don't assume it's wrong.
  • DO check if the sequencing of your collections is due to change, meaning you may get two consecutive recycling or household waste weeks (even if your collection day is staying the same, the sequencing of collections could be changing).
  • If the changes mean your household waste collections are now more than 14 days apart you can leave out up to 2 additional black bags of household waste.
  • If the changes mean your recycling collections are now more than 14 days apart we will take excess recycling in the usual way. Make sure the excess is presented in easily identifiable clear bags or transparent containers and please separate any excess card, paper and magazines from other excess recycling, ie glass, plastics, cans, beverage cartons, aerosols and foil trays. Large cardboard boxes should be flattened and broken down into smaller pieces no wider than 0.5m to fit the recycling compartment of our trucks.
  • We stated recently that some original leaflets had been sent in error. This is the case, but only the small number of households where the error was discovered are getting an updated leaflet this week. In the main these are residents who subscribe to garden waste collections where the bin changes mean there will be 14 days or more between collections. If you don't receive an updated leaflet this week, your original leaflet was correct.
  • If your garden waste collection is going to be delayed by more than 14 days, including weekends, we will be providing you with an extra garden waste collection between 18th and 22nd September. Please read your leaflet carefully as it will tell you when your additional collection takes place.
  • The BIG MESSAGE is please read both sides of your leaflet carefully. It contains important information.

Further answers to frequently asked questions can be found on our website.

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