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Bin day changes start from 18 September

Bin day changes for nine in every ten Derbyshire Dales households start from Monday 18 September.

We posted leaflets to every home in the district informing you which day your bins will be collected from 18 September onwards. These should have all landed by the end of last week.

If you haven't yet received that leaflet please email your full postal address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get back to you.Please note that the online "when is my collection" calendar – and the online annual calendar - won't necessarily be accurate until the new rounds start on Monday, so don't rely on the online information at this stage.

As reported previously, some households initially received an incorrect day change leaflet from Serco, who have apologised for the database error. Updated leaflets should be arriving in the first class post from today.

If you receive an updated leaflet (these are clearly marked "updated") by the end of this week that is the correct information. If you don't receive a new leaflet, the original leaflet you received is correct.

Serco are making the changes to make rounds more efficient and environmentally friendly. The changes will cut the distances our bin trucks travel - reducing the carbon footprint - and factor in recent new homes in the area.

What if my new collection day is the same as the old one?

One of the big questions we're getting in the lead-up to bin changeover week - which starts this coming Monday - is from residents who have received a leaflet informing them their new bin day is actually the same as their old one.One in every 10 households' bin day won't change as part of Serco's new rounds optimisation programme.**BUT** please note that even if your collection day hasn't changed the sequencing of collections may have. So you may, for example, get a recycling collection on your last "old" collection day and recycling again on your first "new" collection day. Your leaflet informs you what type of collection applies on your first day from 18 September. The leaflet also explains that anyone who has more than 14 days between household waste collections can put out two extra black bags of household waste.Also note that while your collection day may not have changed, others on your collection round may have. This could affect the *time* your bins/containers are collected, so please put out bins/containers by 7am on your collection day.

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