WATCH | November Full Council

It's going to be a busy full council meeting on Thursday 24 November - available to view live on our YouTube channel from 6pm.

Our councillors will consider a request from Freedom Leisure for additional funding due to the impact of increased energy prices at the four Derbyshire Dales leisure centres in Ashbourne, Bakewell, Matlock and Wirksworth.

The meeting will also debate a funding agreement with the Heritage Lottery Fund following the award of £1.2-million for the Hurst Farm Heritage Trail and will consider a report presenting the Council's current financial position of spend against the 2022/23 Capital Programme.

There's also a report on the amended revenue outturn for 2021/22.

Councillors will hear a report of the Gypsy and Traveller Site Provision Working Group on its findings following an inspection of potential sites across the Dales and there's an update on the details contained within the East Midlands Devolution Deal along with the progress so far and next steps.

The meeting will also consider a report outlining the work to date on the strategic review of the Council’s Clean and Green Service.

Plus there are reports advising Members of performance against the District Council’s Corporate Plan targets during the first six months if 2022/23 and summarising performance against the District Council’s 12 Key Performance Indicators for the first half of 2022/23.

The Council will also debate the following Motion, submitted by Councillor Peter Slack: “That the District Council be approved as a Council for Fair Tax Declaration”.

View the agenda and associated reports.
Matllck Town Hall lit in Ukraine colours

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