Garden waste year 2 subscriptions open

As promised, current subscribers to our garden waste scheme can renew now for the new financial year from 1 April at a discounted rate of £35.

While some residents took advantage of a £35 early bird rate in the first year of the scheme, the price for 2022/23 was always going to be £50 - and that's the cost for any new subscribers in the coming year. Applications for all Derbyshire Dales households are open now at

The discounted rate acknowledges disruptions to some collections in the current year, for which we apologise, including two planned missed collections when the garden waste scheme was temporarily paused last summer.

We hope current subscribers will accept the £15 discount offered. Residents who subscribed at the early bird price in the current year are paying, on average, £1.40 per collection, while existing subscribers who paid £50 after the early bird offer ended are paying, on average, £2.00 per collection.

We've written direct to all current subscribers - mostly by email where we have an email contact address and by letter to those where we don't have a digital contact. If we have an email address for you and you haven't seen this communication, please check your spam folders.

Or you can simply renew online at On the application form you will need to include your subscription ID number to claim your discount. You can find this unique number - which is linked directly to your address details - on your current garden waste bin sticker.

Sack collections

We have also written to all garden waste subscribers on sack collection rounds, explaining that, due to the closure of the Ashbourne reprocessing site that recycled garden waste for the District Council, we can no longer accept garden waste in compostable sacks due to the replacement recycling sites not being able to process garden waste in sacks.

This means the garden waste sack service unfortunately ended on 28 February. If you paid for your 2021/22 subscription by card or direct debit, you will receive a £6 refund automatically in recognition of scheduled collections not happening this month. We will contact sack collection households who used a different payment method direct to organise a repayment.

Please note that in the second year of the garden waste scheme, current sack collection customers can apply to renew your subscription with us from 1 April at a discounted price of £35 and swap to a garden waste bin, which will be provided to you at no cost. However, you must be able to store the new bin on your property and present it for collection at pavement level. Also, to swap to a bin collection, you need to be on a round with a vehicle that has a bin lift. If you don’t know if your service vehicle has a bin lift, please contact us by email at

Unfortunately, if you aren't able to have a bin, your options are:
  • Compost your garden waste - see more on our website at
  • Take your garden waste free of charge to a local household waste recycling centre
For more information, please see our frequently asked questions at

Anyone without internet access can renew or subscribe to the garden waste scheme by calling 01629 761 223.
As promised, current subscribers to our garden waste scheme can renew now for the new financial year from 1 April at a discounted rate of £35.

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