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Governance & Resources Committee, 9 January 2020.

Councillors debated a proposed 2% increase from 1 April in the majority of fees and charges imposed by the council. There were also reports on the District Council's Reward & Recognition and Family Friendly policies and an update on the Derbyshire Dales Safeguarding Policy, plus a proposal by the council to undertake necessary repair works on third party land at Ashbourne Airfield Industrial Estate.

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Planning Committee, 14 January 2020.

Applications debated included approval of reserved matters for the erection of 57 new homes on two fields off the A6 road opposite the Whitworth Hospital near Matlock. Retrospective planning permission was sought for the change of use of land east of Grove Lane, Somersal Herbert, for a Gypsy and Traveller site. Councillors also debated a proposed equestrian events course and schooling field with associated alterations to existing access and creation of parking area at Hough Park Farm, Brunswood Lane, Hulland Ward.

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Full Council, 16 January 2020.

Items for debate included a report by Chief Executive Paul Wilson entitled 'Resilience, Resources, Priorities' and a motion proposed by Councillor Peter O'Brien that "this Council notes the growing evidence, including from the World Health Organisation, that glyphosate carries a higher health risk than previously assumed; and that its effect has recently been upgraded by the WHO to “probably carcinogenic to humans”. There was also report on the council's Climate Change Working Group year 1 action plan, a mid-term treasury report and a review of the code of conduct for councillors. The meeting was also asked to note an update on the work taking place with all Derbyshire councils on non-structural reform and the progress in developing a new vision for the county.

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Planning Committtee, 4 February 2020.

Councillors debated a hybrid planning application for the development of Ashbourne Airfield, including up to 367 new homes, 10 hectares of employment land and a commercial hub including hotel and other retail. Also proposed was a renovation and extension of the social club building at Matlock's Hurst Farm, to transform it into a modern community facility with café, bar, farm shop and function room.

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Community & Environment Committee, 19 February 2020.

Councillors considered a report outlining an approach to resourcing the preparation of a Climate Change Strategy in response to the District Council’s corporate ambition following the declaration of a climate emergency in May 2019. There was also a report on the Council's 2019 Matlock Bath Illuminations season, which was disrupted by bad weather.

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Planning Committee, 3 March 2020.

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Governance & Resources Committee, 12 March 2020.

The agenda included a request from Brailsford allotment holders for the council to compulsorily purchase land in the village. The Allotment Holders' Association, who said the land in question has been used as allotments since 1837, had been served with a notice to quit by the landowner. A report to the meeting stated it was understood that the land owner was prepared to negotiate with the Association and that an alternative parcel of land had been offered, to be developed as allotments. Other items at the meeting included a revised Complaints Procedure and key recommendations of the Examiner's report into the Kirk Ireton Neighbourhood Plan.

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Extraordinary Meeting called at short notice on Thursday 19 March during the coronavirus pandemic.

Members voted unanimously to formally suspend meetings of the Council and its committees while we deal with a significant peace-time emergency.

To ensure effective decision making, councillors agreed to the recommendations in a report presented to the meeting to delegate until further notice to officers all matters not reserved to Council. The meeting heard that the Government has promised to introduce legislation that may enable local authorities to conduct meetings remotely in the future.

View the full report here [PDF]

Full meeting, 2 July, 2020.

Councillors were asked to consider endorsing the principle of the District Council - which no longer controls any social housing stock - investing in a modest programme of new council housing in the Derbyshire Dales. There will also be a debate on this Motion, submitted by Councillor Jason Atkin:
“Given what we have seen in other boroughs, districts and local government authorities around the UK in recent weeks, we have a duty to address the legacy of colonialism, slavery and racism in all its forms.
"We acknowledge the public outcry of hurt, pain and anger over these legacies and that we undertake a review of all our assets and a report be brought back to full council on completion of the review with recommendations on what assets deemed as having these legacies attached to them and for their removal.”
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Full council, 15 July 2020 to complete business that was withdrawn or adjourned earlier in the month.

The carry-over from the 2 July full council meeting included an item to agree a submission to the Local Government Boundary Commission on the size of the Council for consideration as part of a full review of electoral boundaries within the District - and that the draft submission to the Local Government Boundary Commission recommending a reduction in the Council size from 39 councillors to 34 is considered. The meeting also considered a report seeking approval for the resumption of decision making through the full committee system - temporarily suspended during the coronavirus lockdown. Councillors received a report informing them of decisions made under delegated arrangements that allowed temporary deviation from the Council’s Taxi Licensing Policy and will consider approval for an extension of delegated arrangements. The meeting also noted an update report on the development of a new vision for Derbyshire and the work to take forward non-structural reform and councillors will receive and consider approval of the draft Corporate Peer Challenge Action Plan.

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Annual Council Meeting, Wednesday 22 July 2020.

The meeting elected the Council's chairman and vice-chairman for 2020/21 and also the civic chairman and deputy chairman. Councillors also considered approval of amendments to the Council's Constitution in terms of its decision-making structure and delegation to officers, Contract Standing Orders and Financial Regulations. Members were also be appointed to serve on Committees of the Council for 2020/21 and appointments will be made to outside bodies.

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Our first virtual Planning Meeting, Tuesday 21 July 2020.

Two of the applications to be considered involved permission to convert former banks - in Matlock and Wirksworth - in one case into a wine bar and the other into eight apartments. Other applications included a proposal to build five industrial and commercial buildings with a new access and landscaping west of Blackrocks Business Park in Wirksworth's Porter Lane.

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Planning Committee, 11 August 2020.

View all the applications [PDF]

Extraordinary Council, 12 August 2020.

This meeting was called to provide extra funding to Freedom Leisure to enable the reopening of Derbyshire Dales leisure centres in Ashbourne, Matlock and Wirksworth with reduced hours and new Covid safety measures. A fourth leisure facility operated on behalf of the council by Freedom - Bakewell Swimming Pool - would remain closed for a further two months after councillors heard that the small size of the facility made current social distancing requirements unworkable. At the same meeting, councillors agreed to provide financial support to Serco to support the implementation of a new waste & recycling contract - which started this month - due to the impact of delays to the delivery of new refuse collection vehicles associated with manufacturer shutdowns during Covid-19.

Read the full report [PDF]

Community & Environment Committee, 19 August 2020.

Agenda items included a proposed amendment to the council's Parking Places Order to introduce controls on the use of electric vehicle (EV) charging bays, plus the introduction of a new car park at the Henmore, Ashbourne. The Committee also considered an update report on the former Monsal Head public conveniences, seeking approval for their freehold transfer - as a Community Asset Transfer - to a newly formed Community Interest Company (CIC), to enable future provision of public convenience facilities at this site at no cost to the District Council.

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Governance & Resources Committee, 20 August 2020.

Agenda items debated by councillors included complaints monitoring, data protection, the council's Equality, Consultation & Engagement Plan 2019-20, the Annual Governance Statement 2019-20 and the past year's Internal Audit Annual Report. The meeting also considered approving a grant of £22,000 to Hulland Ward Parish as their share of the consideration received from a housing developer for a drainage easement across land owned by the District Council but subject to an unregistered lease to the parish council.

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Full council, 27 August 2020.

Councillors considered a report outlining the potential to increase the biodiversity of road verges and public open spaces we manage. Also on the agenda was a report seeking approval for the lease of land and associated sports pitches to Ashbourne Recreation Ground Sport & Community Partnership, with capital contributions to a new sports pavilion building and a programme of sports pitch improvements. Councillors also considered approving the inclusion of £1-million in the current Capital Programme for improvements to non-traditional homes in the Derbyshire Dales together with energy efficiency measures to Platform Housing stock - the work to be funded be a combination of Government grants, District Council funding and a contribution from Platform.

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Extraordinary Council Meeting, 2 September 2020.

Councillors debated potentially suitable locations for a permanent Gypsy and Traveller site in the Derbyshire Dales in respect of a Gypsy and Traveller family who have presented themselves as homeless and on the work that has been undertaken to identify potentially suitable permanent sites, in accordance with the Council’s duties and responsibilities to Gypsies and Travellers under the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017. The meeting voted to take forward a site owned by the District Council in Knabhall Lane - just over a mile from Tansley village - for development as a permanent site. Councilliors also voted that the same location should be used as a temporary site while a permanent site is progressed. Development of both the proposed temporary and permanent site is subject to planning permission being granted - and local residents and agencies will be given the opportunity to comment on the planning applications when they come forward.

View the full agenda [PDF]

View the public participation site submissions summary document [PDF 796KB]

Extraordinary Council Meeting, 3 September 2020.

Councillors noted the significant recent increase in the use of disposable barbecues in the open countryside in the district, and the number of wild fires that have had a devastating and long-lasting deleterious impact on the ecology and biodiversity of our precious natural landscapes. The meeting voted to note that work is already underway by officers towards a renewal date on Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) in effect within the Derbyshire Dales with commitments to undertake public consultation in accordance with statutory provisions.

View the full agenda [PDF]

Planning Committee, 8 September 2020.

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Full council, 8 October 2020.

Members debated a motion submitted by an individual councillor to ban the culling of badgers on all land owned by Derbyshire Dales District Council. The meeting also discussed the potential to increase the biodiversity of road verges and public open spaces managed by your District Council, seeking approval for the creation of a Working Group to investigate and pursue this potential to increase biodiversity.

In a busy agenda councillors also considered a report seeking approval for the creation of a Derbyshire Dales District Council Community Payback Scheme to help improve areas within the district. Officers are also seeking approval to trial with a community rehabilitation company a work placement within our Clean & Green Team.

There was a report too seeking approval for a Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan produced by ClearLead Consulting Ltd on behalf of the District Council, setting out a potential pathway to achieving net zero in terms of the council's direct emissions.

View the full agenda [PDF]
Public Participation statements and questions to this meeting [PDF]

Licensing and Appeals Committee, 7 October 2020.

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Planning Committee, 13 October 2020.

Councillors will debate a plan to build six detached homes on land east of Les Ardennes in Hulland Ward and an application for eight glamping pods and associated facilities off Millers Green, Wirksworth.

There's also a full application to demolish the former doctors' surgery at Columbell Way, Two Dales, and the erection of a building comprising 10 apartments.

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Community & Environment Committee, 14 October 2020.

Agenda items included the Annual Leisure Report issued by Freedom Leisure for 2019/20, which included participation figures and the CO2 savings through the Leisure Energy Project. Councillors also considered approval of an update to the District Council’s Housing Renewal Policy for 2020 to 2023 and they will receive a report on the contents of the draft Ashbourne Neighbourhood Plan and representations received during a six week period of public consultation. Also up for debate was a report on the District Council's Affordable Housing Programme for 2020 onwards, the outturn for 2019/20 and projected completions for 2020/21.

View the full agenda [PDF]

Governance & Resources Committee, 22 October 2020.

Up for debate were reports on the current state of the telecommunications system used by the District Council and the ‘Vision Derbyshire’ project and the implications in relation to potential local government reform. Councillors also considered a report seeking approval for a new Standards Sub-Committee Hearing Procedure and will note the outturn performance against Corporate Plan targets and Key Performance indicators for 2019/20.

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Special meeting, Community & Environment Committee 2 November 2020.

Councillors considered a report seeking approval for revisions to the Council’s current Statement of Community Involvement and also debated a revised Local Development Scheme.

View the full agenda [PDF]

Ernest Bailey Charity Committee, 5 November 2020.

The Charity provides financial assistance to groups and individuals for the general benefit of inhabitants of Matlock and district (Matlock, Matlock Bath, Bonsall, Cromford, Darley Dale, Northwood and Tinkersley, Rowsley (part) South Darley, Starkholmes and Tansley).

View the full agenda [PDF]

Extraordinary meeting full council, 9 November 2020.

The 5pm meeting debated the District Council's Covid-19 Economic Recovery Plan. View the agenda [PDF].

The 7pm meeting considered a report advising Members of the statutory need to complete a review of the Derbyshire Dales Local Plan by December 2022 and to seek approval of the timetable for the review of the plan. View the agenda [PDF].

Planning Committee, 10 November 2020.

Applications included reserved matters for the approval of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of seven houses on land off Pump Close, Starkholmes, Matlock. Councillors also considered a plan a temporary agricultural worker's dwelling on land west of Wyaston Road, Ashbourne, and a proposed replacement dwelling and garage building at Carr Wood House, Rodsley Lane, Yeaveley. Other applications debated were the erection of a building for storage purposes at The Old Coal Yard, Watery Lane, Clifton, and a request to vary a condition 2 of an approved appeal decision to allow for modifications to wall, footpath and landscaping at The Mount, 4 North Avenue, Ashbourne.

View the full agenda [PDF]

Governance & Resources Committee, 19 November 2020.

Agenda items up for debate included an external audit completion report for the year ended 31 March and the Council's Statement of Accounts for 2019/20. Councillors also received internal audit reports and considered a proposal to give further rent free periods to District Council commercial tenants unable to trade under current Covid restrictions, at an estimated cost of £7,694.

View the full agenda [PDF]

Full Council, 25 November 2020

Councillors debated the provision of a new indoor leisure attraction – a two-screen cinema - and enclosure of part of the covered bus bay area next to the Market Hall to provide an ancillary commercial use to support the regeneration of the town centre.

View the agenda [PDF]

Full Council, 26 November 2020

This meeting considered a report seeking approval for extra funding requested by Freedom Leisure in order to continue to operate the four leisure centres in the Derbyshire Dales operated on the Council's behalf following Covid disruptions. Councillors also debated a report for the release of further capital funding for the Ashbourne Recreation Ground Pavilion in the Park project. The meeting also debated a review of the Council's Clean & Green service and will be asked to note the selection of a development and management agent for our new Council Housing programme. Another report set out proposed capital allocations for affordable housing delivery and a further round of energy efficiency measures.

View the full agenda [PDF]

Planning Committee, 8 December 2020

Among applications debated at this meeting was the proposed demolition of an existing dwelling and erection of a building comprising 21 retirement apartments and parking in Matlock's Chesterfield Road.

View the agenda [PDF]

Community & Environment Committee, 16 December 2020

This meeting considered the Council's response to County Council consultation on an by pass for Ashbourne, progress on the Brailsford Neighbourhood Plan, proposals to transfer ownership of Community Assets at Denefields, Matlock and Heathy Lea Recreation Ground, Tansley and approve changes to the Derbyshire Clause affordable housing Procedure.
Our December Planning Committee next Tuesday, 8 December, will be broadcast live on our YouTube channel.

Governance & Resources, 17 December 2020

The Committee considered COVID-19 Business Support Grants, approve the Corporate Enforcement Policy, look at how the Council's Ethical Standards compare to best practice recommendations and performance of the Revenues & Benefits Service and Invoice Processing Contract.

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