Electoral Registration Canvass 2021

We are now at the Final Reminder stage of the Annual Canvass which checks on the accuracy of the Electoral Register.

We are sending 2800 Final Reminder Canvass Forms to households across the Derbyshire Dales. They will be hand delivered by one of our Canvassers.

The Canvassers will be wearing hi-viz jackets bearing the Derbyshire Dales District Council logo. They will also be wearing identification badges.

They are tasked to call at properties that have not responded to this year’s Canvass in person to check if the information we hold on who lives in a property and is registered to vote is correct.

To save time it is still not too late to respond to the Canvass by either sending one of the forms back that we have already sent out or by going online and following the instructions on the forms we have sent.

If no reply is received a Canvasser will visit the property.

Derbyshire Dales residents are being warned not to lose their voice on decisions that affect them by making sure their electoral registration details are up to date.

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