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Planning Committee, 12 January 2021

Applications to this meeting included a plan to install solar panels on a south facing roof slope in Matlock's Hurds Hollow and the retention of a vintage crane advertisement and signage on a storage building in Derby Road, Doveridge.

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Governance & Resources Committee, 14 January 2021.

Agenda items included a report seeking approval for fees and charges to be implemented from 1 April and to note an update report on the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the Council's Digital Transformation project. The meeting was asked to approve the Treasury Management Outturn for 2019/20 and Prudential Indicators Outturn & Mid-Year Report for 2020/21.

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Full Council, 21 January 2021.

This meeting included a Motion welcoming the re-arranged COP26 Climate Change Conference which is to take place in Glasgow at the beginning of November.

Members were also asked to note a report informing the Council of the provisional Local Government Finance Settlement for 2021/22 together with its implications for the Council’s finances. The report states that the Corporate Risk is high as it may have significant implications for the Council’s future ability to deliver its priorities, and to provide services at the current levels. The meeting also considered a report relating to proposed changes to and seek approval to adopt the Local Tax Reduction Scheme for the financial year 2021/22.

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Extraordinary meeting of the Council, Thursday 4 February 2021.

Members debated the following Motion, submitted by Councillors Jacqueline Allison, Martin Burfoot, Paul Cruise, David Hughes, Peter O’Brian and Mike Ratcliffe in accordance with Rule of Procedure 7:
"The Council undertake an urgent and rapid review of its local eligibility criteria for the discretionary element of the Test and Trace Support Payment scheme".
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Planning Committee meeting, 9 February 2021.

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Community & Environment Committee meeting, 10 February 2021.

Items up for debate included a request for a six weeks' public consultation on the contents of the District Council's draft Climate Change Supplementary Planning Document. There was a report too seeking approval to spend £35,000 in 2021/22 and 2022/23 for the installation of electric points for ice cream vendors on Council land, reducing carbon emissions as part of our aim to become carbon neutral by 2030. Councillors also considered approval of the Council's Local Planning Authority Monitoring Report 2019/20 and its Statement of Community Involvement 2021.

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Planning Committee, 9 March 2021.

Councillors considered a number of applications in Ashbourne and one in Hulland Ward.

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Governance & Resources Committee meeting, Thursday 11 March 2021.

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Full council, meeting this Thursday 18 March 2021.

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Special meeting Community & Environment Committee, Thursday 25 March 2021.

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Community & Environment Committee on Wednesday 7 April 2021.

Agenda items up for debate included a report on the findings of a detailed assessment of air quality in the vicinity of Buxton Road and St. John’s Street in Ashbourne. Councillors also considered approval for the District Council to grant permission for the consecration of designated land at cemeteries in Bakewell, Brassington and Wirksworth. There was also a report on the progress of the District Council’s Housing Programme.

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Licensing & Appeals Commitee on Thursday 15 April 2021.

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Planning Committee on 20 April 2021.

Councillors considered applications from Hulland Ward, Matlock, Starkholmes, Farley, KirkIreton and Wirksworth.

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Full Council, Thursday 22 April 2021.

Agenda items included a report to consider the Derbyshire Dales Economic Recovery Plan, including the timing and potential content of a bid to the Government’s Levelling Up Fund, plus the recently introduced Community Renewal Fund and the Welcome Back Fund. Councillors also received a report outlining the Government’s four-step roadmap out of Covid-19 lockdown and the District Council’s proposals for the resumption of post-lockdown service delivery.

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Planning Committee, 29 June 2021.

View also below this additional end section of the meeting, which features the debate on an application for apartments in Matlock's Snitterton Road and a garden proposal in Ednaston.

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Licensing & Appeals Committee, 30 June 2021.

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Governance & Resources Committee, 1 July 2021.

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Community & Environment Committee, 5 July 2021.

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Full council meeting, 8 July 2021.

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Planning Committee meeting, Tuesday 13 July 2021.

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Extraordinary full council meeting, Tuesday 27 July 2021.

As well as the debate on waste & recycling disruptions and recommendations designed to resolve these, there was an update report in respect of a Gypsy and Traveller family who have presented themselves as homeless in relation to the work that has been undertaken to bring forward a site at Knabhall Lane, Tansley, as both a permanent and temporary Traveller site. Councillors also debated a report outlining a request from Ashbourne Town Team for the introduction of a short-term partial dispensation of car parking charges to apply to all town centres, in order to provide a stimulus for town centres post COVID-19.

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View the waste and recycling report [PDF]

Planning Committee meeting, Tuesday 10 August 2021.

Applications debated at this meeting included the partial demolition of existing buildings at the former Matlock Ford site in Causeway Lane, with the proposed erection of a building comprising a total of 47 apartments and a ground floor retail unit. Also considered by the Planning Committee was an application at Bent Farm, Farley, that sought to regularise discrepancies after the dwelling house there was not built fully in accordance with originally approved planning details.

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Planning Committee 14 September 2021.

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Community & Environment Committee, Wednesday, 22 September 2021.

Councillors were asked to note the progress of the Council’s Housing programme after selecting Nottingham Community HA as the Council’s Development and Management Agent. Work has been progressing to bring forward proposals that will see the first homes delivered in the current financial year. The meeting also considered a report seeking approval for a six week period of public consultation on Draft Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs), to be undertaken from 4 October to 22 November.

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Governance & Resources Committee, Thursday 30 September 2021.

Agenda items up for discussion included Internal Audit, Pavement Licences, a Land Holdings Review and an application from Starkholmes Allotment Association to compulsorily purchase their current site. Councillors were also be asked to note phase two of the Council's Digital Transformation Programme.

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Planning Committee, 12 October 2021.

Councillors considered applications for Wirksworth, Starkholmes and the Darley Dale smelter at Warren Carr. Also up for debate was a plan for glamping pods, log cabins and a camping field in Tansley, and the proposed change of use of former public conveniences at Artist's Corner, Matlock Dale, to a brewery.

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Full Council, 14 October 2021

Agenda items included councillors considering whether to extend free parking in the District Council's car parks after 2pm throughout December for a 14th consecutive year. Also up for debate was an update report on the actions taken following the approval of the Council's Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan in October 2020 and to seek approval for a programme of works and delivery plan to progress towards the Council’s target to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030. The meeting also received a petition calling for an “independent enquiry into Serco’s delivery of its 2020 waste contract and impose penalties for noncompliance where they are found to be applicable” and to consider what action, if any, the Council wishes to take it respect this.

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Community & Environment Committee meeting, Wednesday 17 November 2021.

Agenda items up for discussion included proposed terms of reference and the appointment of an independent review officer for the independent review of the waste and recycling services contract with Serco.
There were also debates on the actions taken following the declaration of an Air Quality Management Area in Ashbourne earlier this year and an update on the Hurst Farm Regeneration Project. Councillors also heard update reports on the Council's biodiversity project and Clean & Green Service review.

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Governance & Resources Committee, 18 November 2021.

Agenda items included the external auditor's completion report for the year to 31 March 2021, the 2020/21 Statement of Accounts and a Revised 2021/22 Internal Audit Plan. Councillors also considered a report  a request made by Starkholmes Allotment Association for the compulsory purchase of the current site.

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Full council, 25 November 2021.

This meeting took place in the Wheeldon Hall at Matlock's Highfields School Lumsdale site.

Agenda items up for debate included a revised action plan for the Corporate Peer Challenge and the results of the consultation, undertaken in respect of the future of Ashbourne's Black’s Head figure.

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Planning Committee, 14 December 2021

Councillors considered the proposed extension to a C-Bays building to accommodate relocated equipment at Darley Dale Smelter, Oldfield Lane, Warren Carr, and a reserved matters application for the erection of 46 homes on land next to Cavendish Cottage, Derby Road, Doveridge. Other applications were from Tansley, Ashbourne, Darley Dale and Starkholmes, plus there was a proposal for a community garden and associated resurfacing of an existing walkway on land north of the Health Centre, Compton, Ashbourne.

Licensing & Appeals Sub Committee, 23 December 2021

This virtual meeting took place via Zoom to consider an application for a Premises Licence for the Femme Fest Music Festival on land owned by Minninglow Grange, Pikehall.

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Our Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday 10 August will be broadcast live on YouTube from 6pm.

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