IMPORTANT - Don't get caught out by the bins catch up

Don't get caught out by the waste and recycling catch-up - which begins on Monday 2 August.

The temporary suspension of garden waste collections means crews can focus on all other scheduled collections as well as catching up with recent missed household waste and recycling collections, including any excess recycling.

Some key points about collections from Monday:

👉 Some areas may see more than one waste vehicle on their street on the same day within a short period of time. Please don't assume you have been missed (or partially missed) by the first vehicle.

👉 Catch-ups of missed collections won't necessarily happen on your scheduled collection day. Please leave out containers for collection.

👉 Scheduled collections won’t necessarily happen at the same *time* as usual – it’s important that you present containers at the kerbside no later than 7am on your scheduled collection day (even if you are used to trucks arriving at a later time).

👉 If you have extra recycling, please make sure it is easily identifiable by leaving it in transparent or open containers (eg a box) rather than black bags, and please flatten and cut down any cardboard to fit in the 0.5 metre recycling compartment on our trucks. There's more information on this at

Please note that the temporary suspension of food waste collections continues. Mix food waste in your household waste container. If you are on a sacks round, to help prevent animals ripping open sacks in search of food waste, you can put their usual food caddy out alongside your refuse sacks if you wish, but food inside the caddy does need to be contained within a sealed bag.

Thank you.

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