Be #FireworkSafe

It's set to be a different sort of Bonfire Night as the country goes into new Covid restrictions. It's likely to mean more activity in gardens in the absence of organised displays - so please be #fireworksafe and be a good neighbour.

Let neighbours know in advance when you are planning to let off fireworks, so they can take steps to protect vulnerable people and animals.

If you live close to horses, make sure you site your fireworks well away from them and aim them in the opposite direction. Do not let off fireworks if they will disturb nearby farm animals, wildlife habitats, or roosting bats and birds.

Keep animals safe. Dogs and cats should be kept inside and have a hiding place. Give small animals who live outside lots of extra bedding and nesting material to burrow in.

Read more guidance from the Government's Office for Product Safety and Standards on their website.

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