Early bird discount for new garden waste scheme

Early bird discounts are available now for Derbyshire Dales residents subscribing to a new garden waste collection scheme.

It costs a discounted £35 for Dales households that subscribe for the 2021/22 year to the garden waste service now – the equivalent of less than 68p a week.
  • Find out more and subscribe here.
The new scheme, starting on 1 April next year, generates funds to offset the increased cost of the District Council's new waste and recycling contract, which began last month.

Derbyshire Dales joins more than half of all UK councils now charging residents for garden waste collections. The councils that make a charge include 39 of the 50 authorities most similar to Derbyshire Dales District Council.

In the coming weeks all local households will receive a leaflet delivered by contractor Serco, inviting them to take advantage of the discounted price online here. There’s also a hotline number for residents without internet access.

The discount offer closes at the end of January 2021, when the subscription price rises to £50.

In recent weeks the District Council has been explaining the reason for the introduction of the opt-in subscription scheme, pointing to frequently asked questions online at www.derbyshiredales.gov.uk/gardenwasteFAQs

The cost of the council’s new waste and recycling contract has risen by £1-million a year after Dales residents made it clear they wanted the District Council to maintain current service levels, which are the best in Derbyshire.

It means fortnightly collections of dry recycling and residual household waste have continued with the new contract, together with weekly food waste collections.

A cheaper deal could have been struck by making household waste collections less frequent - but in resident surveys local people rejected this idea.

Councillors voted by an overwhelming majority at a special council meeting at the end of last year for Serco to continue to deliver the waste and recycling contract for the district and also agreed to approve the new charge for collecting garden waste.

Free garden waste collections will continue for all 34,000 households across the Dales until April next year.

A District Council spokesperson said:
"Charging for garden waste collections was a decision councillors took reluctantly, but we have to raise extra revenue to balance out the impact of the increased cost of the new waste and recycling contract.

“The FAQs we have prepare explain that the market place was much more competitive when we negotiated the last contract eight years ago. That deal, which was exceptional value for money, simply does not exist in 2020, and this became clear during a rigorous tendering process.

“Due in part to additional safety features and improved environmental standards, vehicle prices have risen sharply. Added to this, staff wages have increased significantly and are likely to continue to rise.

“We have also specified new technologies such as 360 degree cameras and in-cab technology, which adds to the cost. At the same time, the price obtainable for recyclables has fallen substantially."
Early bird discounts are available now for Derbyshire Dales residents subscribing to a new garden waste collection scheme.

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