Recycling - please squash and flatten!

We appreciate what you really want right now is for us to collect your recycling. We'll be announcing a coronavirus impact contingency plan soon - but in the meantime you can create more space in your recycling container by squashing and flattening materials.

So if you're currently stockpiling because we've missed a scheduled collection due to staffing issues - and we apologise for this - the first obstacle in a small space is AIR! Make sure you squash all the air out.

Tetra Pak type products are easy to flatten out. Simply wash and dry the inside lining, squash and put the plastic cap back on and place it in your recycling container.

Crush and squash tins and cans - and the same goes for plastic milk and water bottles. Stack paper as neatly as possible and flatten cereal and washing powder boxes.

Washing your containers also makes it easier and more hygienic to stockpile recycling around the house.

To repeat what we said on Thursday morning: We are very conscious that some residents where recycling collections have been missed this week and last are getting concerned about when we might have capacity to react to the backlog as the coronavirus crisis continues to impact on this service.

Please be aware that a contingency plan will be announced very soon that seeks to address how recycling collections will happen during this emergency situation.

In the meantime our appeal to households is that you stockpile any recycling rather than being tempted to burn it - which is bad for the environment - or to dispose of it in any other way.

Your continued patience and understanding in these exceptional times is much appreciated.

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We appreciate what you really want right now is for us to collect your recycling. We

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