Daily bin collections update

The bins situation today (14 August) is that all scheduled collections are happening to schedule.

Check your collection date using our online calendar at www.derbyshiredales.gov.uk/whenismycollection

Please note that - to ensure rounds are completed and no-one misses out - crews cannot take any additional garden waste over and above a normal bin load or maximum of five sacks for residents on sack rounds.

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Normal recycling collections restarted on 15 April. Please make sure you present any excess recycling in the right way - see the guidelines here.

From a public health viewpoint, Serco's reduced crews prioritised households waste collections in the early weeks of the lockdown - and these collections happened on schedule. 

Derbyshire County Council reopened local household waste recycling centres on 18 May with restrictions and safety measures. Read about these here.

Household waste collections

Household waste collections currently continue as scheduled so if yours is missed please report it here. We are prioritising household waste collections from a public health perspective.

Recycling collections

From the start of the coronavirus lockdown some scheduled recycling collections happened and others didn't due to reduced staffing and social distancing issues. However, Serco restarted normal recycling collections from 15 April. 

Recycling - squash and flatten everything!

Here's some advice if you are having to stockpile recycled material right now if you need to because of reduced collections during the coronavirus outbreak.

Your first obstacle in a small space is AIR! Make sure you squash all the air out. Tetra Pak products are easy to flatten out. Simply wash and dry the inside lining, put the plastic cap back on and place it in your recycling container.

Crush and squash tins and cans - and the same goes for milk and water bottles. Stack paper as neatly as possible and flatten cereal and washing powder boxes.

Please note that washing your containers make it easier and more hygienic to stockpile recycling around the house.

Garden waste collections

Garden waste collections were suspended until 1 June to enable our reduced crews to focus on scheduled houshold waste collections, but collections re-started from 1 June. We cannot currently take additional garden waste over and above a nornal bin load or maximujm of five sacks for residents on sack rounds. Please note the vehicle bin lifts have weight limits and this could lead to some bins being rejected as too heavy.

Food waste collections

Food waste collections reverted to weekly frequencies from 27 July. Check your collection date using our online calendar at www.derbyshiredales.gov.uk/whenismycollection

Unfortunately the usual spring delivery of free biogradable food bags is suspended until September. If you are running out of the food bags we supply, in the current circumstances we are happy for people to put food waste direct into your kerbside caddy (it would be good if you could wash it out afterwards) or add their kitchen caddy to the kerbside collection. You can also use any biodegradable bag that conforms to BS:EN13432 standard, displaying the logo below.

Compostable bag logo

DEFRA guidance for Derbyshire Dales households self-isolating due to COVID-19

To protect our bin crews and maintain waste collection services here in the Dales, please follow the guidance issued by Government if you are self-isolating or displaying symptoms of coronavirus.

  • *DO*: Double-bag any personal waste (eg used tissues and cleaning cloths) using bin liners or plastic bags, keeping this bag separate from other household waste. Tie securely and wait for at least 72 hours before putting it in your external general waste container (grey bin or black sack).
  • *DO NOT*: Put this waste into your recycling container.
If you use a communal refuse bin which is shared with neighbours, please ensure this guidance is also followed and you double bag your waste, leave it for 72 hours in the room you are self-isolating in and place in the grey general rubbish bin only. Do not put this waste in a blue recycling bin.

It's a good idea to clean frequently touched surfaces in your home with household products such as detergents and bleach, as these are effective at getting rid of the virus on surfaces.

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Household recycling centres

Derbyshire County Council operate household recycling centres locally.These reopened on 18 May but with restrictions.



The bins situation today (14 August) is that all scheduled collections are happening to schedule.

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