Floods extend downstream to Matlock

FLOODS UPDATE 5.45am Friday | River levels were anticipated to reach their high point around now and flooding has extended downstream to Matlock and Matlock Bath, where Hall Leys Park is flooded throughout.

Our team of volunteer workers report that the appropriately named Sunken Gardens are completely under water, while the water level by the Ranger Station at the Knowleston Place area of the park is above wellington boot height.

There are also pockets of deep flooding along the A6 with some road closures, including here in the Dales at The Lanes, Bolehill; A6 Matlock, Matlock Bath and Rowsley; A6817 Hope/Hathersage Road; Grindleford Bridge; Station Road, Darley Bridge; Chatsworth Road, Rowsley and Froggatt vilage.

Our officers are now at a Tactical Group meeting and it appears the high water point has now shifted to 12 noon - with an emergency declared.

There are deep floods along the A6, mainly in Matlock Bath (near Artist's Corner), outside the bus station in Matlock and at the bottom of the road at Arc Leisure Matlock.

There are already vehicles stuck at each of these points and the depth of the flooding near Arc is approximately four feet. Agricultural Way - the entrance to our Bakewell Agricultural Business Centre - is flooded and diversion signs are in place.

The river in Matlock Bath is dangerously high, less that three feet off the bottom of Jubilee Bridge and the current is strong and of major concern. Our volunteers have sandbagged the properties at immediate risk and during the night to date have used seven tonnes of sand and 350 sandbags.

They are now virtually out of sand and will re-stock when local suppliers open at 8am. They have reserved around 10 bags in case of emergency, but have covered the key/high risk areas.

Jubilee Bridge at Matlock BathSome of our volunteer staff who have been sandbagging through the night: Robert Wilson, Sally Rose and Helen Dennis pictured in Hall Leys ParkRiver at Matlock Bath

On Thursday evening warnings were placed on the River Derwent at Darley Dale, the Wye and Derwent at Rowsley and the River Derwent at Grindleford, Calver, Chatsworth, Churchtown, Hathersage, Northwood, Baslow and Bubnell. Added to the list later were the River Wye at Ashford in the Water and Wye Bank and Milford in Bakewell. 

Areas most at risk from flooding included the A6 at Rowsley, the B6521 to Nether Padley, riverside farms and caravan parks at Froggatt and Stankirk, Flatts Farm, the Square & Compass Public House, the B5057 between Darley Bridge and Two Dales Road and the Harrison Drive area at Northwood.

The bridge at Darley Bridge was closed to vehicles and pedestrians at around 8pm due to rising flood water that was running higher than the arches. 

If you fear your home is at risk, please note you don't have to use sandbags. Use instead pillow cases, refuse sacks or carrier bags and fill with garden soil.

Fill the bag and then stamp down so there are no gaps, and it will do the same job.

The important thing is that they get heavy really quickly, so don't overfill them. Then just tuck the open end under the bag. In anything other than a severe flood, a height of two sandbags is usually enough, overlapping like bricks in a wall, with a plastic sheet or bin bag laid on the ground underneath.

Other important things to note:
  • Do not walk or drive through flood water
  • In a flash flood most injuries - and even deaths - happen when people try to cross flood water on foot or in a vehicle.
  • It only takes 15cm of fast flowing water to knock an adult over and only 60cms of water to lift and sweep away a 4 x 4 or small lorry.
  • There may also be hidden dangers in the water like rubble and exposed drains.
  • Plan where to go if you get caught in a flash flood
  • If you are in a building with at least two storeys and believe you are safe to stay where you are then you should move to a higher floor and wait for instructions from the emergency services.
  • If you are in vulnerable accommodation like a bungalow or basement without access to higher floors, or if you are outside, you should seek shelter in the nearest two-storey building or find higher ground.
  • Call 999 if you are trapped.

More info on our website here

FLOODS UPDATE 5.45am Friday | River levels were anticipated to reach their high point around now and flooding has extended downstream to Matlock and Matlock Bath, where Hall Leys Park is flooded throughout.

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