Unanimous approval for new waste contract specification

The specification for a new waste and recycling contract for the Derbyshire Dales was approved unanimously by councillors on 14 March.

There was support across all political parties and independent members for the specification, which sets out the requirements for bidders interested in taking over household collections for the Dales’ 35,000 homes when the current contract with Serco ends next year.

The 14 March meeting was broadcast live on the District Council’s YouTube channel and the debate can be viewed again here.

The approved specification seeks a new eight-year contract with an option to extend for a further eight years and that, for the benefit of residents, the new contractor will be required to ensure properties continue to have their bins collected on the same day each week, although this may be a different day to the current collection schedule.

A chargeable garden waste service will be introduced soon after the start of the new contract, with the fee for this service being determined once the overall cost of the contract has been established.

Funds received from the chargeable garden waste service will be used to help offset the overall cost of the new contract, which, the council believes, could be significantly more expensive than the current arrangement, which was tendered at a time when the market was more buoyant. The cost of the current waste collection contract is £1.9 million per year – on average just under 67p per household per week.

Last November councillors unanimously approved a familiar look to waste and recycling pick-ups from August 2020, with the continuation of weekly food waste collections, together with collections fortnightly of dry recycling and fortnightly of residual household waste that can't be recycled or composted.

The Council's industry expert consultants - Eunomia – predict a 43% initial uptake of the garden waste service, with subscribers being able to pay online while accessing ‘added value’ information and offers, to help encourage uptake.

All potential bidders have indicated a preference for the waste and recycling depot to remain at Longcliffe. The current lease arrangement is between the land owner and Serco, but the District Council is negotiating the transfer of the lease and is currently agreeing terms with the land owner.

Successful conclusion of the deal will allow the District Council to lease the site directly and sub-let it to a contractor on a peppercorn rent basis.

  • To help local people understand the background to the waste and recycling contract process, the District Council has prepared a list of FAQs
The specification for a new waste and recycling contract for the Derbyshire Dales was approved unanimously by councillors on 14 March.

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